The Michelle Apartments

The Michelle Apartments

1995 6.4 (0.1k) Age 14+

Walton is a small, corrupt, wasteland of a town owned by Turnbull Chemicals whose motto is "We make the food you eat look better". Enter Alex Hartwell, a government tax auditor sent to investigate Turnbull's books. Arriving on the heels of a rowdy convention, Alex finds his hotel reservation cancelled, and he is forced to take a room at the seedy Michelle Apartments. As Alex's audit uncovers Turnbull Chemical's financial improprieties by day, after hours he finds himself drawn into a vortex of libidinous intrigue involving the predatory, chain-smoking femme fatale, Madeleine, and her menacing, ex-convict husband Dean.


Henry Czerny, David Sparrow, Richard McMillan, George Buza, Peter Outerbridge, Mary Beth Rubens, David Calderisi


Comedy, Mystery

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