Pick a random title Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / Season 4 / The Ever-Burning Fire

2013 6.9/10 (41) NR SuperHD

The Turtles, Dregg and the Triceratons swoop to a lava planet for the last piece of the Black Hole Generator but a massive beast protects it.

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Rob Paulsen, Greg Cipes, Sean Astin, Jason Biggs, Mae Whitman, Hoon Lee, Scott Whyte, Yuri Lowenthal, Pierce Cravens, Carlos Alazraqui, Seth Green, Rob Paulsen, Sean Astin, Greg Cipes, Jason Biggs, Hoon Lee, Mae Whitman, Kevin Michael Richardson, Josh Peck Directed by Douglas Carrigan

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Original language: Dzongkha

Language audio available in United States: Dzongkha

Language subtitles available in United States: Dzongkha

Available in these countries: Italy, United States

Available since Oct 02, 2015.


Season 4 2013 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page A ninja master and the mutated turtles who were once his pets rise from the sewers of Manhattan to fight evil alien forces that threaten the city. Rob Paulsen, Greg Cipes, Sean Astin, Jason Biggs dir. Douglas Carrigan Oct 02, 2015