Pick a random title Gormiti / Season 1 / Freefalling

2018 7.3/10 (27) TV-Y SuperHD

The Guardians and Ao-Ki capture the Cryptus and take him to Storm Tower to find out that it was all a Darkan play to enter and destroy the building.

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Dermot Arrigan, Noah Levin, Ella Galt, James Giblin, Jenny Beacraft, Stephanie Figueira, Dermot Arrigan, Jenny Beacraft, Stephanie Figueira, Ella Galt, James Giblin, Noah Levin

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Original language: Danish

Language audio available in United States: Danish, Estonian, Finnish, I, Serbian

Language subtitles available in United States: Danish

Available in these countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States

Available since Mar 01, 2019.


Season 1 2018 TV-Y SuperHD Play Netflix Page Four friends become guardians of the island Gorm and must harness powers of the elements to stop an evil lord and his army from ruling the kingdom. Dermot Arrigan, Noah Levin, Ella Galt, James Giblin Mar 01, 2019