Pick a random title Walking Tall

2004 6.3/10 (68k) NR SuperHD 86 minutes

A soldier comes home to revive the family lumber mill, only to discover that shady, drug-dealing casino owners have taken control -- but not for long.

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Dwayne Johnson, Ashley Scott, Kristen Wilson, Khleo Thomas, Neal McDonough, Kevin Durand, John Beasley, Michael Bowen, Barbara Tarbuck, Johnny Knoxville, Kevin Bray Directed by Kevin Bray

Action & Adventure, Action Thrillers, Crime, Crime Action & Adventure, Crime Films, Police, Police Action & Adventure, Police Movies

Original language: English

Language audio available in United States: English

Language subtitles available in United States: English

Available in these countries: United States

Available since Apr 14, 2015.