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Nov 07, 2018

The 15:17 to Paris 2018 5.2/10 (26k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Three American buddies on vacation in Europe leap into action when a terrorist attacks passengers on a Paris-bound train. Based on true events. Judy Greer, Jaleel White, P.J. Byrne, Tony Hale dir. Clint Eastwood English 93 minutes

May 01, 2018

The Clapper 2017 5.1/10 (5.2k) R SuperHD Play Netflix Page A newcomer ekes out a living in LA as a professional audience member on infomercials, but life gets complicated when he's thrust into the spotlight. Amanda Seyfried, Tracy Morgan, Alan Thicke, Mickey Gooch Jr. dir. Dito Montiel English 90 minutes