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Oct 11, 2019

The Influence 2019 4.5/10 (2.0k) TV-MA SuperHD Play Netflix Page Back in her childhood home to help her sister care for their comatose mother, Alicia must face a dark force from her past that now threatens her child. Claudia Placer, Alain Hernandez, Emma Suarez, Ramon Esquinas dir. Dennis Rovira van Boekholt, Denis Rovira van Boekholt English 102 minutes

Feb 22, 2019

The Photographer Of Mauthausen 2018 6.7/10 (5.8k) TV-MA SuperHD Play Netflix Page A Catalán prisoner at a Nazi concentration camp uses his office job to steal photo negatives of the atrocities committed there. Based on true events. Alain Hernandez, Nikola Stojanovic, Frank Feys, Marc Rodriguez dir. Mar Targarona English 110 minutes

Jan 11, 2019

Solo 2018 0.0/10 (0) TV-MA SuperHD Play Netflix Page In a remote area of the Canary Islands, a surfer falls off a cliff. Fighting to survive, he reflects on his life and past romance. Based on true events. Aura Garrido, Ben Temple, Alain Hernandez, Stephen Paul Astor dir. Hugo Stuven, Tamera Hill English 90 minutes

Aug 31, 2018

Cathedral of the Sea / Season 1 2017 TV-MA SuperHD Play Netflix Page In 14th-century Barcelona, a serf's determined climb to wealth and freedom incurs the disdain of the noble class and the suspicion of the Inquisition. Gines Garcia Millan, Daniel Grao, Alain Hernandez, Jonas Berami English

Apr 27, 2018

Holy Goalie 2017 5.2/10 (959) TV-MA SuperHD Play Netflix Page A young priest coaches a team of uncoordinated monks in order to win a soccer tournament and save their monastery from being turned into a hotel. Txema Blasco, Alain Hernandez, Juan Manuel Montilla, Joel Bosqued dir. Curro Velazquez Estonian 95 minutes

Oct 31, 2017

Getaway Plan 2016 5.6/10 (1.2k) TV-MA SuperHD Play Netflix Page Professional burglar and blowtorch expert Víctor is recruited by the Russian mafia to break into a vault as part of an elaborate bank heist. Javier Gutierrez, Jaroslaw Bielski, Florin Opritescu, Alba Galocha dir. Inaki Dorronsoro English 104 minutes