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Mar 22, 2019

Mirage 2018 7.4/10 (27k) TV-MA SuperHD Play Netflix Page A space-time continuum glitch allows Vera to save a boy's life 25 years earlier, but results in the loss of her daughter, whom she fights to get back. Clara Segura, Adriana Ugarte, Javier Gutierrez, Chino Darin dir. Oriol Paulo Filipino 128 minutes

Dec 28, 2018

A Twelve Year Night 2018 7.6/10 (7.6k) TV-MA SuperHD Play Netflix Page Future Uruguayan president José Mujica and his fellow Tupamaro political prisoners fight to survive 12 years of solitary confinement and torture. Chino Darin, Silvia Perez Cruz, Cesar Troncoso, Mirella Pascual dir. Alvaro Brechner Spani 122 minutes

Aug 31, 2018

The Laws of Thermodynamics 2018 6.0/10 (2.1k) TV-MA SuperHD Play Netflix Page A physicist uses the laws of thermodynamics to describe romance and relationships, but his theories prove faulty when it comes to his own love life. Berta Vazquez, Vicky Luengo, Josep Maria Pou, Daniel Sanchez Arevalo dir. Mateo Gil Filipino 100 minutes

Jan 24, 2017

Era el cielo 2016 6.5/10 (1.4k) TV-MA SuperHD Play Netflix Page After being raped in her home, a married woman chooses not to tell her husband, unaware that he has his own troubled secret and a plan for revenge. Paula Cohen, Dylan Cortes, Gabriela Freire, Priscila Bellora dir. Marco Dutra Spani 102 minutes