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Oct 23, 2019

Revenge of the Pontianak 2019 5.2/10 (179) TV-14 SuperHD Play Netflix Page A wedding in a Malaysian village leaves out one guest: a scorned vampire ghost bent on settling a secret score with the groom and anyone in her way. Wan Hanafi Su, Remy Ishak, Hisyam Hamid, Nur Fazura dir. Glen Goei, Gavin Yap Malayalam 92 minutes

Oct 17, 2019

Verses of Love 2 2017 TV-14 SuperHD Play Netflix Page Now a lecturer in Edinburgh, Fahri tries to begin a new chapter as the love of his life, Aisha, volunteers in the Gaza Strip. Have they moved on? Tatjana Saphira, Dewi Irawan, Pandji Pragiwaksono, Arie Untung dir. Guntur Soeharjanto, Guntur Soeharjanto Ita 126 minutes