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Sep 11, 2020

Dad Wanted 2020 5.7/10 (524) TV-14 SuperHD Play Netflix Page What does a thrill-seeker tween girl do when her mom forbids her to enter a BMX race? Cast an actor with nothing to lose to play her approving dad. Natalia Coronado, Juan Pablo Medina, Silvia Navarro, Roberto Quijano dir. Javier Colinas Serbian 103 minutes

Apr 14, 2015

The Perfect Dictatorship 2014 7.2/10 (4.3k) TV-MA SuperHD Play Netflix Page After accepting a colossal bribe, a powerful TV conglomerate gins up fake news stories to enhance the image of a notoriously corrupt politician. Silvia Navarro, Damian Alcazar, Osvaldo Benavides, Flavio Medina dir. Luis Estrada Slovenian 143 minutes