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Dec 21, 2021

Jim Gaffigan: Comedy Monster 2021 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Comedy icon Jim Gaffigan offers some thoughts on the hot mess that was 2021, as well as his takes on marching bands, billionaires in space and more. Jim Gaffigan dir. Jim Gaffigan Dzongkha 70 minutes

Jul 20, 2018

Duck Duck Goose 2018 5.7/10 (2.9k) PG SuperHD Play Netflix Page As his flock's annual migration nears, a carefree goose is grounded with an injury and takes a pair of lost ducklings under his wing. Stephen Fry, Jim Gaffigan, Diedrich Bader, Rick Overton dir. Chris Jenkins, Christopher Jenkins Dutch 92 minutes

Sep 01, 2017

The Guardian Brothers 2016 5.5/10 (1.4k) TV-G SuperHD Play Netflix Page When a Chinese family's soup shop is targeted for sabotage by a competitor, two guardians from the spirit world leave retirement to protect them. Edward Norton, Randall Park, Mike Birbiglia, Dan Fogler dir. Gary Wang 85 minutes

Jan 10, 2017

Jim Gaffigan: Cinco 2017 7.0/10 (1.8k) TV-14 SuperHD Play Netflix Page America's king of clean comedy delivers wickedly funny jokes in his fifth hour-long special. Jim Gaffigan dir. Jeannie Gaffigan Dutch 73 minutes

Aug 10, 2016

Jim Gaffigan: Obsessed 2014 7.6/10 (1.8k) TV-14 SuperHD Play Netflix Page Comic Jim Gaffigan delivers his sardonic take on topics like eating, exercise, weddings and his five kids in this live stand-up special. Jim Gaffigan dir. Jay Chapman Dari 70 minutes
Jim Gaffigan: King Baby 2009 7.8/10 (2.1k) TV-PG SuperHD Play Netflix Page Jim Gaffigan offers up his take on bacon, bowling and other weighty topics in this stand-up performance filmed live in Austin on his 2008 comedy tour. Jim Gaffigan dir. Troy Miller Dari 71 minutes