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Mar 18, 2021

Deadly Illusions 2021 5.7/10 (130) R SuperHD Play Netflix Page After a bestselling novelist suffering from writer's block hires a new nanny for her children, the line between fiction and reality starts to blur. Kristin Davis, Dermot Mulroney, Greer Grammer, Shanola Hampton dir. Anna Elizabeth James English (India) 114 minutes

Feb 18, 2021

Amend: The Fight for America / Season 1 2021 TV-MA SuperHD Play Netflix Page Will Smith hosts this look at the evolving, often lethal, fight for equal rights in America through the lens of the US Constitution's 14th Amendment. Will Smith, Mahershala Ali, Laverne Cox, Utkarsh Ambudkar English (India)

Sep 27, 2018

Sleepless 2017 5.6/10 (28k) R SuperHD Play Netflix Page A Las Vegas cop attempts to rob a drug shipment from a casino kingpin, but the heist goes horribly wrong, leading to the kidnap of his son. Scoot McNairy, David Harbour, Octavius J. Johnson, Jamie Foxx dir. Baran bo Odar English 94 minutes

Apr 01, 2017

Trauma 2016 5.9/10 (5.9k) TV-MA SuperHD Play Netflix Page After discovering old fractures in her skull, a photographer recovering from amnesia becomes increasingly haunted by a sinister childhood secret. Peyton Kennedy, Justin Long, Lola Flanery, Liisa Repo-Martell dir. Ed Gass-Donnelly, Dario Argento English (India) 92 minutes

Jun 02, 2015

August: Osage County 2013 7.2/10 (82k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page When their father disappears, three strong-willed women return to their childhood home and to their equally strong-willed mother. Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Chris Cooper, Ewan McGregor dir. John Wells English (India) 121 minutes

Apr 14, 2015

Big Miracle 2012 6.5/10 (18k) PG SuperHD Play Netflix Page After a reporter writes about whales trapped in the Arctic Circle, the U.S. and U.S.S.R. team up to rescue them in this tale inspired by true events. John Pingayak, Ahmaogak Sweeney, John Chase, Ishmael Angalook Hope dir. Ken Kwapis English (India) 106 minutes
Abduction 2011 5.1/10 (74k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page When a teen comes across his own childhood photo on a missing persons website, he begins to question everything he's ever known. Jason Isaacs, Antonique Smith, Lily Collins, Denzel Whitaker dir. John Singleton English 105 minutes
My Best Friend's Wedding 1997 6.3/10 (123k) PG-13 SuperHD Play Netflix Page When she learns her platonic pal is getting married, food critic Julianne Potter realizes her true feelings for him and tries to sabotage the wedding. Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Philip Bosco, Susan Sullivan dir. P.J. Hogan English (India) 104 minutes