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Jun 26, 2020

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga 2020 6.5/10 (61) PG-13 SuperHD Play Netflix Page Two small-town singers chase their pop star dreams at a global music competition, where high stakes, scheming rivals and onstage mishaps test their bond. Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams, Dan Stevens, Melissanthi Mahut dir. David Dobkin Danish 123 minutes

Sep 20, 2019

Between Two Ferns: The Movie 2019 6.1/10 (22k) TV-MA SuperHD Play Netflix Page Armed with awkward questions and zero self-awareness, Zach Galifianakis hits the road to find famous interview subjects for his no-budget talk show. Lauren Lapkus, Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis, Ryan Gaul dir. Scott Aukerman Danish 82 minutes

Aug 09, 2019

The Family / Season 1 2019 7.8/10 (810) TV-14 SuperHD Play Netflix Page An enigmatic conservative Christian group known as the Family wields enormous influence in Washington, D.C., in pursuit of its global ambitions. Zachary Booth, Ben Rosenfield, David Rysdahl, James Cromwell dir. Jesse Moss, James Burrows Danish

Apr 14, 2015

Megamind 2010 7.2/10 (219k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page When cunning supervillain Megamind accidently kills his crime-fighting nemesis, he creates a new enemy who seeks to destroy the world. Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill, Ben Stiller dir. Tom McGrath Dzongkha 95 minutes
The Other Guys 2010 6.6/10 (231k) PG-13 SuperHD Play Netflix Page New York cops Allen and Terry toil in obscurity as lowly desk jockeys until a big break finally gives them a chance to tackle real police work. Will Ferrell, Derek Jeter, Mark Wahlberg, Eva Mendes dir. Adam McKay Dzongkha 107 minutes
DreamWorks Spooky Stories: Volume 2 / Season 1 2009 6.7/10 (364) TV-PG SuperHD Play Netflix Page The Shrek characters parody the music video 'Thriller'; B.O.B. and pals battle zombie carrots; and Megamind faces the effects of the Button of Doom. Seth Rogen, Will Ferrell, Cody Cameron, Kiefer Sutherland Dzongkha
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me 1999 6.6/10 (211k) PG-13 SuperHD Play Netflix Page When diabolical genius Dr. Evil travels back in time to steal superspy Austin Powers's 'mojo,' Austin must return to the swingin' '60s himself. Elizabeth Hurley, Seth Green, Verne Troyer, Robert Wagner dir. Jay Roach Dzongkha 94 minutes
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery 1997 7.0/10 (214k) PG-13 SuperHD Play Netflix Page A swingin' fashion photographer by day and a groovy British secret agent by night, superspy Austin Powers must foil the sinister schemes of Dr. Evil. Mike Myers, Mimi Rogers, Charles Napier, Robert Wagner dir. Jay Roach Dzongkha 89 minutes