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Apr 27, 2022

365 Days: This Day 2022 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Laura and Massimo are back and stronger than ever. But Massimo's family ties and a mysterious man bidding for Laura’s heart complicate the lovers' lives. Anna-Maria Sieklucka, Michele Morrone, Simone Susinna, Magdalena Lamparska dir. Barbara Białowąs, Tomasz Mandes Dzongkha 111 minutes
The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes 2022 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page This documentary explores the mystery surrounding the death of movie icon Marilyn Monroe through previously unheard interviews with her inner circle. dir. Emma Cooper Dzongkha 101 minutes
Silverton Siege 2022 0.0/10 (0) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page After a failed sabotage mission, a trio of anti-apartheid freedom fighters ends up in a tense bank hostage situation. Based on a true story. Thabo Rametsi, Arnold Vosloo, Noxolo Dlamini, Stefan Erasmus dir. Mandla Dube Dzongkha 101 minutes

Apr 20, 2022

Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes / Season 1 2022 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page He dined with the powerful. He preyed on the vulnerable. Beneath a smiling exterior was the horrifying darkness of a sadistic serial killer. dir. Joe Berlinger Dzongkha
The Marked Heart / Season 1 2022 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page A man hell-bent on exacting revenge on the organ trafficking organization that murdered his wife becomes involved with the woman who received her heart. Michel Brown, Ana Lucía Domínguez, Sebastián Martínez, Margarita Muñoz dir. Camilo Vega Spa
The Turning Point 2022 6.8/10 (4.6k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page A slacker who does his best to avoid confrontation strikes up an unlikely friendship with a dangerous thug who suddenly forces his way into his life. Andrea Lattanzi, Brando Pacitto, Aniello Arena, Marcello Fonte dir. Riccardo Antonaroli Ita 97 minutes

Apr 19, 2022

White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch 2022 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page All the cool kids were wearing it. This documentary explores A&F’s pop culture reign in the late ’90s and early 2000s and how it thrived on exclusion. dir. Alison Klayman Dzongkha 88 minutes

Apr 16, 2022

Choose or Die 2022 0.0/10 (0) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Tempted by a chance to win unclaimed prize money, two friends reboot a mysterious 1980s video game and step into a surreal world of next-level terror. Iola Evans, Asa Butterfield, Eddie Marsan, Robert Englund dir. Toby Meakins Dzongkha 85 minutes
Our Great National Parks / Season 1 2022 0.0/10 (0) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Narrated by former President Barack Obama, this stunning docuseries shines the spotlight on some of the planet's most spectacular national parks. Barack Obama Dzongkha

Apr 08, 2022

Dancing on Glass 2022 0.0/10 (13) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page When immense pressure threatens a ballerina in a new lead role, she and another dancer escape into a friendship that isolates them from the real world. María Pedraza, Paula Losada, Mona Martínez, Juanjo Almeida dir. Jota Linares Estonian 139 minutes
Metal Lords 2022 0.0/10 (0) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page For teenage misfits Hunter and Kevin, the path to glory is clear: Devote themselves to metal. Win Battle of the Bands. And be worshipped like gods. Jaeden Martell, Isis Hainsworth, Adrian Greensmith, Sufe Bradshaw dir. Peter Sollett Dzongkha 98 minutes

Apr 07, 2022

Return to Space 2022 0.0/10 (0) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Elon Musk and SpaceX engineers embark on a historic mission to return NASA astronauts to the International Space Station and revolutionize space travel. Elon Musk dir. Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, Jimmy Chin Dzongkha 128 minutes

Apr 06, 2022

Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story / Season 1 2022 0.0/10 (0) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page TV star Jimmy Savile charmed a nation with his eccentricity and philanthropy. But sexual abuse allegations expose a shocking unseen side of his persona. Dzongkha
Michela Giraud: The Truth, I Swear! 2022 0.0/10 (0) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Career success. Fame's shortcomings. The cringeworthy label of "curvy" and tough ballet days during her youth. Michela Giraud has a whole lot to unpack. Michela Giraud dir. Vittorio Antonacci Ita 63 minutes
The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On / Season 1 2022 0.0/10 (0) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Get hitched or call it quits? Couples put their love to the test — while shacking up with other potential matches — in a provocative reality series. Nick Lachey, Vanessa Lachey Dzongkha

Apr 02, 2022

Furioza 2022 6.9/10 (296) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page A policewoman makes her ex-boyfriend an offer he can't refuse: Either he infiltrates and informs on a gang of hooligans, or his brother goes to jail. Mateusz Banasiuk, Weronika Książkiewicz, Mateusz Damięcki, Łukasz Simlat dir. Cyprian T. Olencki Po 139 minutes

Apr 01, 2022

Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood 2022 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page A man narrates stories of his life as a 10-year-old boy in 1969 Houston, weaving tales of nostalgia with a fantastical account of a journey to the moon. Jack Black, Bill Wise, Lee Eddy, Zachary Levi dir. Richard Linklater Dzongkha 98 minutes
The Bubble 2022 7.2/10 (5.5k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Sneaking out. Hooking up. Melting down. The cast and crew of a blockbuster action franchise attempt to shoot a sequel while quarantining at a posh hotel. Karen Gillan, Iris Apatow, Fred Armisen, Maria Bakalova dir. Judd Apatow Dzongkha 126 minutes
Forever Out of My League 2022 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Life hangs in the balance after Marta's operation, with true love just within reach. But can the heart prevail against old secrets — and fickle fate? Ludovica Francesconi, Giancarlo Commare, Gaja Masciale, Jozef Gjura dir. Claudio Norza Ita 105 minutes
Trivia Quest / Season 1 2022 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page History, art, science, pop culture and more — quiz yourself across varying levels of difficulty in this interactive trivia series. Jonathan Melo Dzongkha

Mar 30, 2022

Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King 2022 0.0/10 (0) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page When the young founder of a collapsing cryptocurrency exchange dies unexpectedly, irate investors suspect there's more to his death than meets the eye. dir. Luke Sewell Dzongkha 90 minutes

Mar 27, 2022

800 Meters / Season 1 2022 0.0/10 (0) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page In 2017, Spain suffered two terrorist attacks perpetrated by young members of its community. How could this happen? This incisive series investigates. dir. Elías León Estonian

Mar 18, 2022

Alessandro Cattelan: One Simple Question / Season 1 2022 0.0/10 (0) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Alessandro Cattelan searches for happiness through interviews and unique experiences with celebrity guests like Paolo Sorrentino and Roberto Baggio. Alessandro Cattelan dir. Bellone, Consonni Ita
Human Resources / Season 1 2022 7.3/10 (2.7k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Lovebugs, Hormone Monsters and a parade of other creatures juggle romance, workplace drama and their human clients' needs in this "Big Mouth" spinoff. Aidy Bryant, Randall Park, Nick Kroll, Maya Rudolph Dzongkha