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May 06, 2022

Thar 2022 0.0/10 (0) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page A veteran cop sees the chance to prove himself when murder and a stranger's grisly torture plot shake the walls of a sleepy desert town. Anil Kapoor, Harshvarrdhan Kapoor, Fatima Sana Shaikh, Satish Kaushik dir. Raj Singh Chaudhary Hindi 108 minutes

Nov 03, 2021

The Harder They Fall 2021 7.6/10 (7.8k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Gunning for revenge, outlaw Nat Love saddles up with his gang to take down enemy Rufus Buck, a ruthless crime boss who just got sprung from prison. Jonathan Majors, Idris Elba, Regina King, Zazie Beetz dir. Jeymes Samuel Dari 139 minutes

Nov 01, 2021

Montford: The Chickasaw Rancher 2021 0.0/10 (0) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page A Chickasaw man survives great hardships and tragedy to establish a vast ranching empire along the famous cattle highway of the American West. Martin Sensmeier, Dermot Mulroney, Tommy Flanagan, James Landry Hébert dir. Nathan Frankowski Dutch 96 minutes

Dec 08, 2020

Spirit Riding Free: Ride Along Adventure 2020 0.0/10 (0) TV-Y7 SuperHD Play Netflix Page Join Lucky and her friends on an interactive mission to save Maricela’s beloved mare from greedy horse thieves who've taken her captive with a wild herd. Amber Frank, Bailey Gambertoglio, Sydney Park, Katey Sagal dir. Beth Sleven, Allan Jacobsen Dutch 78 minutes

Dec 06, 2019

Spirit Riding Free: Spirit of Christmas 2019 TV-Y7 SuperHD Play Netflix Page Lucky and friends must figure out how to get home in time for Christmas when a falling boulder -- and a serious snowstorm -- derail their travel plans. David Faustino, Tiya Sircar, Evan Agos, Nolan North dir. Allan Jacobsen, Kevin Wotton Dutch 0 minutes

Apr 25, 2019

The Hateful Eight: Extended Version / Season 1 2015 7.8/10 (490k) R SuperHD Play Netflix Page Trapped at a stagecoach stop as a storm rages outside, two bounty hunters and an outlaw face a gallery of rogues. Features never-before-seen footage. Michael Madsen, Bruce Dern, Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson dir. Quentin Tarantino Dutch

Nov 16, 2018

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs 2018 7.3/10 (104k) R SuperHD Play Netflix Page Ranging from absurd to profound, these Western vignettes from the Coen brothers follow the adventures of outlaws and settlers on the American frontier. Tim Blake Nelson, James Franco, Tom Waits, Brendan Gleeson dir. Ethan Coen, Joel Coen Dutch 133 minutes

Nov 05, 2018

Justice 2017 4.0/10 (832) TV-MA SuperHD Play Netflix Page A U.S. Marshal arrives at a small town in Nevada, only to learn that his preacher brother is dead after standing up to the town's mayor and outlaws. Jackson Rathbone, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Nathan Parsons, Stephen Lang dir. Richard Gabai Dutch 92 minutes

Jun 01, 2018

The Stolen 2016 0.0/10 (0) TV-14 SuperHD Play Netflix Page A well-to-do British woman must venture into New Zealand's wild and dangerous unknown when her baby son is kidnapped and held for ransom. Graham McTavish, Stan Walker, Jack Davenport, Richard O'Brien dir. Niall Johnson, Sean Hilferty Dzongkha 97 minutes

Apr 01, 2018

Geronimo: An American Legend 1993 6.5/10 (8.4k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Wes Studi has the title role in this sprawling Western recounting famed Apache warrior Geronimo's losing battle with the U.S. Army in the late 1800s. Jason Patric, Robert Duvall, Wes Studi, Gene Hackman dir. Walter Hill Dzongkha 115 minutes

Nov 10, 2017

The Killer 2017 3.5/10 (247) TV-MA SuperHD Play Netflix Page In lawless badlands, reclusive Cabeleira sets out to discover the fate of his gunman father and grows to be a feared assassin himself. Will Roberts, Diogo Morgado, Allan Lima, Deto Montenegro dir. Marcelo Galvao, Jon Matthews Brazilian Portuguese 99 minutes

Nov 02, 2017

In a Valley of Violence 2016 6.0/10 (14k) R SuperHD Play Netflix Page After a quiet drifter is met with violence and bullying in a small town, he finds himself enmeshed in a vengeful struggle with the local marshal. Ethan Hawke, John Travolta, Taissa Farmiga, James Ransone dir. Ti West Dutch 103 minutes

Mar 31, 2017

The Quick and the Dead 1995 6.4/10 (81k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page In this offbeat Western, a lady gunslinger arrives in a frontier town seeking revenge for the murder of her sheriff father by town boss John Herod. Russell Crowe, Tobin Bell, Keith David, Gary Sinise dir. Sam Raimi English 108 minutes

Nov 18, 2016

Hell or High Water 2016 7.6/10 (188k) R SuperHD Play Netflix Page In a desperate bid to save their family ranch, two brothers stage a series of clever bank robberies with a pair of Texas Rangers in hot pursuit. Ben Foster, Marin Ireland, William Sterchi, Jeff Bridges dir. David Mackenzie Dzongkha 102 minutes

Jul 09, 2016

The Hateful Eight 2015 7.8/10 (490k) R SuperHD Play Netflix Page Years after the Civil War, a bounty hunter and his captive are waylaid by a Wyoming blizzard and hole up in a way station with six dicey strangers. Dana Gourrier, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Channing Tatum, Zoe Bell dir. Quentin Tarantino Dzongkha 167 minutes

Dec 11, 2015

The Ridiculous 6 2015 4.8/10 (41k) TV-14 SuperHD Play Netflix Page When his outlaw dad is kidnapped, Tommy “White Knife” Stockburn sets off across the West on a rescue mission with five brothers he never knew he had. Jon Lovitz, Whitney Cummings, Chris Kattan, Steve Zahn dir. Frank Coraci Dutch 119 minutes

Apr 14, 2015

Django Unchained 2012 8.4/10 (1296k) R SuperHD Play Netflix Page Accompanied by a German bounty hunter, a freed slave named Django travels across America to free his wife from a sadistic plantation owner. Leonardo DiCaprio, Walton Goggins, James Remar, Jamie Foxx dir. Quentin Tarantino Dutch 165 minutes
True Grit 2010 7.6/10 (297k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page After drifter Tom Chaney murders her father, 14-year-old Mattie Ross hires alcoholic U.S. Marshal Reuben 'Rooster' Cogburn to help her exact revenge. Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, Paul Rae, Domhnall Gleeson dir. Joel Coen, Ethan Coen Dzongkha 110 minutes