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Oct 19, 2018

Gnome Alone 2018 5.6/10 (2.3k) PG SuperHD Play Netflix Page After moving into a new house with her mom, high schooler Chloe discovers a troupe of talking garden gnomes who need her help saving the world. Tara Strong, Jeff Dunham, Patrick Stump, Becky G. dir. Peter Lepeniotis English (India) 85 minutes

Oct 01, 2018

A Witches' Ball 2017 5.1/10 (244) PG SuperHD Play Netflix Page Beatrix can't wait to be inducted as a witch, but an unfortunate incident threatens to take her pending title away if she doesn't act fast. Renee Stein, Paul Mason, Ashley Rogan, Karen Slater dir. Justin G. Dyck English (India) 91 minutes

Sep 30, 2018

My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Forgotten Friendship 2018 7.1/10 (378) TV-G SuperHD Play Netflix Page School yearbook editor Sunset Shimmer has suddenly been erased from the memories of her best friends and must find out how to fix this. Tara Strong, Tabitha St. Germain, Andrea Libman, Nicole Oliver dir. Ishi Rudell, Katrina Hadley English (India) 0 minutes
My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rollercoaster of Friendship 2018 6.4/10 (156) TV-Y SuperHD Play Netflix Page Rarity gets a summer job at Equestria Land, making Applejack feel jealous. But when their friends start vanishing, they must work together to find them. Tara Strong, Ashleigh Ball, Rebecca Shoichet, Andrea Libman dir. Ishi Rudell, Katrina Hadley English (India) 0 minutes

Aug 02, 2018

The Little Vampire 2017 5.4/10 (1.1k) TV-G SuperHD Play Netflix Page An American kid obsessed with the undead befriends and offers to help a young vampire whose family is being targeted by a merciless vampire hunter. Tim Pigott-Smith, Jim Carter, Matthew Marsh, Miriam Margolyes dir. Richard Claus, Karsten Kiilerich 82 minutes

Jul 20, 2018

Duck Duck Goose 2018 5.7/10 (2.9k) PG SuperHD Play Netflix Page As his flock's annual migration nears, a carefree goose is grounded with an injury and takes a pair of lost ducklings under his wing. Stephen Fry, Jim Gaffigan, Diedrich Bader, Rick Overton dir. Chris Jenkins, Christopher Jenkins English (India) 92 minutes

Jul 06, 2018

White Fang 2018 6.9/10 (2.7k) TV-PG SuperHD Play Netflix Page A loyal wolfdog's curiosity leads him on the adventure of a lifetime while serving a series of three distinctly different masters. Raquel Antonia, Eddie Spears, Paul Giamatti, Armando Riesco dir. Alexandre Espigares English (India) 87 minutes

May 05, 2018

Pup Star: World Tour 2018 3.8/10 (117) G SuperHD Play Netflix Page Talented pooches from around the world compete to be the next Pup Star, but behind-the-scenes schemes threaten to ruin the fun. Mackenzie Sol, Kaitlyn Maher, Denisse Ojeda, Reggie De Leon dir. Robert Vince English (India) 87 minutes

Mar 13, 2018

Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout 2018 6.4/10 (238) TV-Y7 SuperHD Play Netflix Page Villains are rampaging through Charter City and the Flex Fighters -- Jake, Ricardo and Nathan -- need your help to halt the chaos. Steven Yeun, Wil Wheaton, James Arnold Taylor, Clancy Brown dir. Victor Cook English (India) 0 minutes

Feb 07, 2018

Woody Woodpecker 2017 4.1/10 (3.1k) PG SuperHD Play Netflix Page A rascally bird with a distinctive laugh pecks back with a vengeance when his forest habitat is threatened by a slick lawyer building his dream home. Timothy Omundson, Thaila Ayala, Graham Verchere, Jordana Largy dir. Alex Zamm English (India) 91 minutes

Dec 21, 2017

48 Christmas Wishes 2017 4.0/10 (698) TV-Y SuperHD Play Netflix Page When a small town's letters to Santa accidentally go up in smoke, two elves venture out of the North Pole to retrieve every missing wish. Maya Franzoi, Khiyla Aynne, Ethan Yang, Adam Crew dir. Justin G. Dyck, Marco Deufemia English (India) 84 minutes

Dec 06, 2017

Trolls Holiday Special 2017 TV-Y7 SuperHD Play Netflix Page When Queen Poppy realizes that Bridget and the Bergens don't have any holidays, she hatches a plan for Branch and the Snack Pack to help create one. Ron Funches, Anna Kendrick, Walt Dohrn, Caroline Hjelt dir. Joel Crawford English (India) 0 minutes

Dec 01, 2017

DreamWorks Home: For the Holidays 2017 TV-Y SuperHD Play Netflix Page Oh takes it upon himself to introduce Christmas joy to his fellow Boovs. Unfortunately, his well-meaning mission nearly destroys the city. Ron Funches, Rachel Crow, Ben Schwartz, Kelly Clarkson English (India) 0 minutes

Nov 28, 2017

Deep 2017 4.0/10 (1.2k) PG SuperHD Play Netflix Page After accidentally trapping his family in their underwater home, a young octopus and his ocean-dwelling buddies search for help far across the sea. Justin Felbinger, Dwight Schultz, Anna Vocino, Lindsey Alena dir. Julio Soto Gurpide English (India) 92 minutes

Nov 21, 2017

Beat Bugs: All Together Now 2017 6.8/10 (18) TV-Y SuperHD Play Netflix Page After winning a local talent show, the Beat Bugs journey to compete on 'The Bug Factor,' a televised singing contest held in faraway Rocket Ship Park. Rebecca Husain, Erin Mathews, Charles Demers, Ashleigh Ball dir. Josh Wakely English (India) 0 minutes

Oct 31, 2017

Pettersson and Findus 2 2016 5.5/10 (235) TV-G SuperHD Play Netflix Page Christmas is just around the corner, but Pettersson and Findus are worried the snowy weather (and lack of a tree) may keep them from celebrating. Max Herbrechter, Marianne Sagebrecht, Stefan Kurt dir. Ali Samadi Ahadi Greek 81 minutes

Oct 28, 2017

Pup Star: Better 2Gether 2017 4.5/10 (146) PG SuperHD Play Netflix Page Returning Pup Star champ Tiny has her Yorkie paws full after an evil rival replaces her with street dog Scrappy during the national competition. Kaitlyn Maher, Obba Babatunde, Josh Flitter, Lombardo Boyar dir. Robert Vince English (India) 93 minutes

Oct 01, 2017

Ghost Patrol 2016 4.9/10 (160) TV-Y7 SuperHD Play Netflix Page Two kids and their pet dog (aka the Ghost Patrol) get a call about an old manor and soon find they are investigating their first real haunted house. Lili Beaudoin, Shannon Chan-Kent, Vincent Tong, Scott McNeil dir. Karen J. Lloyd English (India) 0 minutes

Sep 18, 2017

Barbie Dolphin Magic 2017 5.7/10 (401) TV-Y SuperHD Play Netflix Page While visiting Ken and exploring a coral reef, Barbie and her sisters make an amazing discovery and meet a mysterious new friend. Adrian Petriw, Kazumi Evans, Paul Dobson, Erica Lindbeck dir. Conrad Helten English (India) 63 minutes

Sep 08, 2017

Mighty Raju Rio Calling 2014 7.0/10 (10) TV-Y7 SuperHD Play Netflix Page Mighty Raju preps for a new adventure in Rio de Janeiro, where he goes toe-to-toe with rival soccer players, faces capoeira fighters and more. Anirban Majumder, Rajiv Chilaka, Alka Amarkant Dubey dir. Anirban Majumder, Alka Amarkant Dubey Hungarian 96 minutes

Sep 01, 2017

The Guardian Brothers 2016 5.5/10 (1.4k) TV-G SuperHD Play Netflix Page When a Chinese family's soup shop is targeted for sabotage by a competitor, two guardians from the spirit world leave retirement to protect them. Edward Norton, Randall Park, Mike Birbiglia, Dan Fogler dir. Gary Wang 85 minutes

Aug 07, 2017

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Avengers Reassembled! 2015 6.2/10 (565) TV-Y7 SuperHD Play Netflix Page When Ultron seizes control of Iron Man's armor, the Avengers race to save their friend and stop an evil plot to take over the world. JP Karliak, Ben Diskin, Roger Craig Smith, Jim Meskimen dir. Rob Silvestri English (India) 0 minutes

Jul 04, 2017

Ballerina 2016 8.0/10 (18) PG SuperHD Play Netflix Page Félicie and Victor, two young friends in 1880s France, escape from an orphanage to pursue their dreams in Paris, the glittering City of Lights. Maddie Ziegler, Tamir Kapelian, Elle Fanning, Dane DeHaan dir. Eric Warin, Eric Summer English (India) 89 minutes

May 17, 2017

Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale 2017 5.3/10 (325) TV-Y7 SuperHD Play Netflix Page After tumbling into a magic storybook, Puss in Boots must fight, dance and romance his way through wild adventures as he searches for an escape. Eric Bauza, Ariebella Makana, Ron Funches, Jeff Bennett dir. Roy Burdine, Johnny Castuciano English (India) 0 minutes