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Oct 02, 2020

You've Got This 2020 7.8/10 (130) TV-MA SuperHD Play Netflix Page An ad creative and a successful exec have a great marriage — until he wants to be a dad just as her star is rising. Then he brings someone new home. Mauricio Ochmann, Esmeralda Pimentel, Matteo Giannini, Regina Reynoso dir. Salvador Espinosa Spani 111 minutes

Sep 11, 2020

Dad Wanted 2020 5.7/10 (524) TV-14 SuperHD Play Netflix Page What does a thrill-seeker tween girl do when her mom forbids her to enter a BMX race? Cast an actor with nothing to lose to play her approving dad. Natalia Coronado, Juan Pablo Medina, Silvia Navarro, Roberto Quijano dir. Javier Colinas Spani 103 minutes

May 20, 2020

Mutiny of the Worker Bees 2020 3.9/10 (345) TV-MA SuperHD Play Netflix Page When Omar's grandfather forces him to get a job at a tech company in Mexico City, he meets a quirky ensemble of nine-to-fivers ... and some nemeses. Gustavo Egelhaaf, Alejandro Suárez, Bárbara de Regil, Mauricio Argüelles dir. Carlos Morett Spani 94 minutes

Jan 22, 2016

Ricardo O'Farrill Abrazo Genial 2016 TV-MA SuperHD Play Netflix Page Ricardo O'Farrill brings his sharp, observational humor to the stage with a relentless sarcasm and specific Mexican sensibility. Prepare for mockery. Ricardo O'Farrill, Ricardo OFarrill dir. Jan Suter, Raúl Campos Spani 92 minutes