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Jul 21, 2021

Sanitation Day 2020 0.0/10 (0) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Two cops must contend with the uncooperative tenants of an apartment complex as they try to solve a murder before the crime scene is wiped clean. Blossom Chukwujekwu, Elozonam Ogbolu, Nse Ikpe-Etim, Belinda Effah dir. Seyi Babatope English 104 minutes

Jul 16, 2021

2 Weeks in Lagos 2020 0.0/10 (0) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page A businessman returns home to Nigeria and falls in love with a friend's sister despite his family’s plan for him to marry a politician’s daughter. Beverly Naya, Mawuli Gavor, Ajoke Silva, Jide Kosoko dir. Kathryn Fasegha English 106 minutes

Jul 15, 2021

And They May Still Be Alive Today 2020 0.0/10 (0) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Clara and Vlad have their relationship planned out just like the movies. But they soon realize that love isn't what they thought it would be. Nicoleta Hâncu, Bogdan Nechifor dir. Tudor Cristian Jurgiu Romanian 73 minutes

Jul 09, 2021

Finding Hubby 2020 0.0/10 (0) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Oyin and her two close friends are on the hunt for husbands, but find that they must grapple with their own expectations as they look for love. Ade Laoye, Munachi Abii, Kehinde Bankole, Charles Etubiebi dir. Femi D. Ogunsanwo English 104 minutes

Jul 07, 2021

Fellini - I Am A Clown 2020 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page In 1967, producer Peter Goldfarb convinces director Federico Fellini to bring his genius to American TV for the first time and to make a mockumentary. Peter Goldfarb, Federico Fellini, Neri Marcore dir. Marco Spagnoli Italian 0 minutes

Jul 03, 2021

Big Timber / Season 1 2020 5.5/10 (42) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page A no-nonsense logger and his loyal crew battle brutal elements and finicky machines to chop and transport valuable lumber on Vancouver Island. English

Jul 02, 2021

The Hardest Thing 2020 0.0/10 (0) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Individuals connected by a cherry tree cross paths, including a father with an ill son and migrants who are deceived on their journey. Erdal Beşikçioğlu, Ertan Saban, Belçim Bilgin, Bülent Şakrak dir. Serdar Akar Turkish 94 minutes
Holiday on Mars 2020 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page A scoundrel's mission to escape his family and remarry on Mars is hilariously scrubbed when a mishap with a black hole turns his son into an old man. Christian De Sica, Massimo Boldi, Lucia Mascino, Milena Vukotic dir. Neri Parenti Italian 93 minutes
Quarantine Tales / Season 1 2020 7.6/10 (17) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Traversing genres, five separate stories offer unique, whimsical and thought-provoking takes on life during the pandemic in 2020. Adinia Wirasti, Marissa Anita, Faradina Mufti, Teuku Rifnu Wikana dir. Sidharta Tata, Aco Tenriyagelli Indonesian
RattleSnake - The Ahanna Story 2020 0.0/10 (0) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page In this stylish remake, a disillusioned mastermind assembles a team to pull off a series of spectacular heists — but his crimes make too many enemies. Stan Nze, Osas Ighodaro, Bucci Franklin, Odera Adimorah dir. Ramsey Nouah English 135 minutes

Jun 30, 2021

The Daily Life of the Immortal King / Season 1 2020 7.7/10 (287) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Having vanquished a powerful demon at age six, precocious wizard Wang Ling must now navigate high school life as an ordinary teen. Sun Lulu, Qian Chen, Gu Jiangshan Mandarin
Deranged 2020 6.4/10 (4.7k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page A substitute teacher and an obsessive student begin an illicit affair that endangers everyone involved and blurs the line between predator and prey. Nadia Buari, Ramsey Nouah, Zynnell Zuh, Priscilla Opoku Agyeman dir. Jameel Buari English 98 minutes
Legend of Exorcism / Season 1 2020 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page After leaving Yaojin Palace, Kong Hongjun arrives in Chang'an to battle demons and forms a bond with exorcism squad chief Li Jinglong. Bian Jiang, Chen Jinwen, Ling Fei dir. Shen Leping

Jun 28, 2021

A Way Back Home 2020 5.9/10 (269) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page After receiving a terminal diagnosis, a man fakes an accident to spare his family’s grief and must deal with the fallout of his deception. Alexx Ekubo, Ik Ogbonna, Bimbo Manuel, Haillie Sumney dir. B. T Thomas English 81 minutes

Jun 27, 2021

Voiceless 2020 2.1/10 (140) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page A bright and promising young girl gets abducted and taken to a terrorist camp, where she unexpectedly crosses paths with her soulmate. Uzee Usman, Yakubu Mohammed, Asabe Madaki, Sani Mu’azu dir. Robert O. Peters 111 minutes

Jun 18, 2021

Kambili: The Whole 30 Yards 2020 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Determined to marry before she turns 30, a woman tries to change her impulsive ways and do whatever it takes to win back the boyfriend who left her. Nancy Isime, Jide Kene Achufusi, Sharon Ooja, Mawuli Gavor dir. Kayode Kasum English 119 minutes

Jun 17, 2021

Fan Girl 2020 4.7/10 (570) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page An infatuated fan finds an unexpected way to meet her celebrity crush and discovers a dark reality behind the facade of fame and her fantasy world. Charlie Dizon, Paulo Avelino dir. Antoinette Jadaone Filipino 100 minutes

Jun 13, 2021

Picture a Scientist 2020 7.9/10 (165) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page In this documentary, leading women scientists discuss the inequalities they've faced as they set out to create a new formula to make STEM open to all. dir. Ian Cheney, Sharon Shattuck English 97 minutes

Jun 12, 2021

The Room 2020 3.7/10 (84k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page In a new home, a couple unlocks a strange room that grants their every wish. But getting what they want most soon has dark, disturbing consequences. Olga Kurylenko, Kevin Janssens, Joshua Wilson, John Flanders dir. Christian Volckman English 99 minutes

Jun 11, 2021

Family Government 2020 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page In an eastern Anatolian village, a visiting teacher falls in love and embarks on a wild mission to end consanguineous marriages there. Alper Saldıran, Aslıhan Malbora, Mehmet Yildirim, Nail Kirmizigül dir. Burak Demirdelen Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong SAR China) 102 minutes

Jun 09, 2021

Tony Halik. Tu byłem 2020 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page This documentary tells the extraordinary life story of Tony Halik, a legendary Polish traveler, journalist and filmmaker. dir. Marcin Borchardt Polish 85 minutes

Jun 02, 2021

Rose Stone Star 2020 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page After working odd jobs including brokering fake visas for migrants, Carmela tries to make a new living and salvage her relationship with her daughter. Ivana Lotito, Ludovica Nasti, Fabrizio Rongione, Imma Piro dir. Marcello Sannino Italian 93 minutes
Stop Playing With The Stars 2020 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Sparks fly when an astrology-obsessed romantic enters a fake relationship with a staunch scientist to trick her parents into believing she’s successful. Pilar Fogliati, Alessandro Roja, Carlotta Natoli, Fiorenza Pieri dir. Matteo Oleotto Italian 100 minutes

Jun 01, 2021

Princess Cursed in Time 2020 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page To protect her kingdom, a princess must defeat a powerful witch and break a spell that has trapped her in time. Natalia Germani, Marek Lambora, Eliška Křenková, Jan Révai dir. Petr Kubík Czech 110 minutes