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Jul 02, 2022

Untouched Project 2: Sunny Side of the Alps 2014 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page In this documentary, a new generation of skiers and snowboarders connect through a bold and innovative approach to riding through the mountains. dir. Mitja Legat Slovak 0 minutes

Dec 10, 2021

Anonymously Yours 2021 7.5/10 (27) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page After an accidental text message turns into a digital friendship, Vale and Alex start crushing on each other without realizing they've met in real life. Annie Cabello, Ralf, Estefi Merelles, Harold Azuara dir. María Torres Slovak 101 minutes

Jul 02, 2021

Young Royals / Season 1 2021 0.0/10 (0) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Prince Wilhelm adjusts to life at his prestigious new boarding school, Hillerska, but following his heart proves more challenging than anticipated. Edvin Ryding, Omar Rudberg, Malte Gårdinger, Frida Argento Slovak

May 10, 2021

The Priest Who Knocked Out 1943 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page After a boxing coach sees him use his fists to scare off some ruffians, a theology student enters the ring to raise money for a youth center. Allan Bohlin, Åke Söderblom dir. Hugo Bolander Slovak 85 minutes
The Song Of The Red Flower 1919 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Rejected by his farmer father, a wanderer attempts to find himself in this silent drama based on an award-winning novel by Johannes Linnankoski. Lars Hanson dir. Mauritz Stiller Slovak 101 minutes
The Outlaw and His Wife / Victor Sjostrom 1918 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page This double feature includes a 1918 silent film directed by and starring Victor Sjöström, plus Gösta Werner's 1981 documentary about the filmmaker. Victor Sjöström, Edith Erastoff, John Ekman, Jenny Tschernichin-Larsson dir. Victor Sjöström Slovak 110 minutes

Apr 08, 2021

Snabba Cash / Season 1 2021 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page The lives of an ambitious businesswoman, a charming gang enforcer and a troubled teen collide amidst a desperate — and sinister — pursuit of wealth. Evin Ahmad, Alexander Abdallah, Ali Alarik, Dada Fungula Bozela Slovak

Mar 26, 2021

Young Jönsson Gang Reach For The Stars 2006 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page It's summer and young Sickan, Vanheden and Harry devise an ingenious plot to get an autograph from the famous Dani D., who doesn't sign them. Mikael Lidgard, Axel Skogberg, Hugo Flytström, Loa Falkman dir. David Berron Slovak 77 minutes
The Chef 2005 6.7/10 (16k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page After a young cook and his friend take a gig aboard a ship, they must navigate a dangerously unpredictable kitchen run by a domineering head chef. Kjell Bergqvist, Henrik Lundström, Peter Viitanen, Ralph Carlsson dir. Mats Arehn Slovak 115 minutes
Young Jönsson Gang at Summer Camp 2004 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Eager to spend the summer at camp, the young Jönsson gang finds itself instead at a punitive, hardscrabble institution run by their archenemy. Conrad Cronheim, Buster Söderström, Anton Pettersson dir. Christjan Wegner Slovak 88 minutes
Under the Sun 1998 7.4/10 (4.4k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page A lonely, middle-aged Swedish farmer finds his only friend in a hired hand. But when he employs a charming housekeeper, a love triangle ensues. Rolf Lassgård, Helena Bergström, Johan Widerberg dir. Colin Nutley Slovak 129 minutes
Young Jönsson Gang Showing Off 1997 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page When their circus tickets get swiped, the Jönsson League boys hatch a plan to steal them back, but end up suspects in an even bigger crime! Kalle Eriksson, Jonathan Flumée, Fredrik Glimskär, Jonna Sohlmér dir. Christjan Wegner Slovak 103 minutes
Young Jönsson Gang - The Cornflakes Robbery 1996 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page New kid Charles-Ingvar meets Ragnar, Harry and Doris and together, they team up to get their hands on as many coveted filmisar cards as they can. Kalle Eriksson, Jonathan Flumée, Fredrik Glimskär, Jonna Sohlmér dir. Christjan Wegner Slovak 86 minutes
The Accidental Golfer 1991 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page An unassuming sanitation worker gets roped into a high-stakes golf match against an arrogant businessman — and has just one week to learn the game. Lasse Åberg, Jon Skolmen, Hege Schøyen, Mats Bergman dir. Lasse Åberg Slovak 103 minutes
Swedes at Sea 1988 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page A factory worker and his Norwegian buddy somehow end up spending the midsummer weekend on the Stockholm archipelago partying with rich vacationers. Lasse Åberg, Jon Skolmen, Birgitte Söndergaard, Anders Ahlbom dir. Lasse Åberg Slovak 100 minutes
The Ninth Company 1987 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Army conscripts realize that stockpiled military resources could benefit the locals and start a company to sell them that is soon a financial success. Tomas Fryk, Thomas Hanzon dir. Colin Nutley Slovak 109 minutes
The Jönsson Gang Turns Up Again 1986 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page A small-time crook plans to rob a furniture store but gets entangled in an evil villain's plot with more nefarious intentions. Gösta Ekman, Ulf Brunnberg, Björn Gustafson dir. Mikael Ekman Slovak 88 minutes
The Serpent's Way 1986 7.7/10 (5.4k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page As payment of a debt, a merchant and his son sexually abuse generations of women from a poor family. Stina Ekblad, Stellan Skarsgård dir. Bo Widerberg Slovak 107 minutes
The Rooster 1981 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page It's 1944, and the men are away at war. An inspector is sent to assess a textile factory, where he tries to court the all-women staff. Magnus Härenstam, Lill Andersson, Ellionor Bille, Åsa Bjerkerot dir. Lasse Hallström Slovak 97 minutes
City Of My Dreams 1976 6.5/10 (104) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page A poor laborer from the country comes to rapidly growing Stockholm and starts a new life full of struggle. Based on the book by Per Anders Fogelström. Eddie Axberg, Britt-Louise Tillbom, Kjell-Hugo Grandin, Gunilla Larsson dir. Ingvar Skogsberg Slovak 166 minutes
A Guy and a Gal 1975 5.6/10 (344) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page A hypochondriac, unlikely Casanova and unmotivated journalist struggles to give up his bad habits when he falls in love with an ambitious woman. Brasse Brännström, Mariann Rudberg, Christer Jonsson, Börje Ahlstedt dir. Lasse Hallström Slovak 93 minutes
The Apple War 1971 6.7/10 (1.8k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page When a German developer proposes building a "Deutschneyland" in the Swedish wilds, a unique family marshals their magical forces to lead a resistance. Per Waldvik, Gösta Ekman, Monica Zetterlund, Hans Alfredson dir. Tage Danielsson Slovak 99 minutes
Duet For Cannibals 1969 6.6/10 (116) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page In Stockholm, an assistant and his girlfriend find themselves pulled into the labyrinthian mind games of a famed German leftist and his Italian wife. Adriana Asti, Gösta Ekman, Lars Ekborg, Britta Brunius dir. Susan Sontag Slovak 105 minutes
The Girls 1968 8.0/10 (3.4k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page While on tour for a theater production about women and war, three actresses find parallels between their personal lives and the drama onstage. Bibi Andersson, Harriet Andersson, Gunnel Lindblom, Gunnar Björnstrand dir. Mai Zetterling Slovak 95 minutes