Pick a random title The Scarlet Letter

2004 6.5/10 (936) NR SuperHD 118 minutes

After a police detective gets assigned to a new homicide case, his professional life and secret love affairs begin to collide dangerously.

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Eun-ju Lee, Jin-geun Kim, Yong-gu Do, Ji-won Uhm, Suk-kyu Han, Min-sung Kim, In-gi Jung, Kyu-hwan Choi, Hye-jin Kim, Hyeon-a Seong, Hyun-Ah Sung Directed by Hyuk Byun

Asian Movies, Crime, Crime Dramas, Crime Films, Crime Thrillers, Dramas, Dramas based on Books, International Dramas, International Movies, International Thrillers, Korean Movies, Thrillers

Original language: Italian

Language audio available in South Korea: Italian

Language subtitles available in South Korea: Czech, Italian

Available in these countries: South Korea

Available since Sep 30, 2017.