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May 06, 2022

Emergency Travel 2019 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Fares spent his whole life thinking his father was dead, but when his aunt reveals the truth, he heads to the UAE in search of answers. Issa Arab, Badria Tolba, Habib Ghuloom, Fay Al Sharqawi dir. Nasser Al Tamimi Arabic 80 minutes

Apr 05, 2022

Black Dog / Season 1 2019 5.4/10 (9.2k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page In a temporary position at a private high school, a compassionate teacher fights to support her students' dreams while navigating school politics. Seo Hyun-jin, Ra Mi-ran, Ha Jun, Lee Chang-hoon Klingon

Apr 01, 2022

Kizoku Tanjou -PRINCE OF LEGEND- / Season 1 2019 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page To save his construction business, Shintaro must go up against his older brother, who also happens to be the owner of legendary host club Texas. Alan Shirahama, Tomoki Hirose, Ken Nakajima, Joey Iwanaga Itali

Feb 14, 2022

Prince of Legend 2019 6.9/10 (34) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Every three years, the boys in St. Brilliant Academy compete for the title of 'prince.' This year, fourteen students are contestants for the crown. Ryota Katayose, Hiroki Iijima, Akihisa Shiono, Sei Shiraishi dir. Kentaro Moriya Itali 91 minutes

Feb 11, 2022

The Wild Goose Lake 2019 6.8/10 (6.3k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page After accidentally murdering a cop, a gangster goes on the run and meets a mysterious sex worker who could help him or betray him. Hu Ge, Gwei Lun-mei, Liao Fan, Regina Wan dir. Diao Yinan Malay 108 minutes

Jan 30, 2022

Spider in the Web 2019 4.4/10 (1.6k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page A Mossad spy makes a last-ditch bid to redeem his career by uncovering a chemical weapons scheme as his boss sends a younger agent to accompany him. Ben Kingsley, Monica Bellucci, Itay Tiran, Itzik Cohen dir. Eran Riklis Dzongkha 114 minutes

Jan 01, 2022

Zeroville 2019 4.6/10 (2.5k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page A student obsessed with Hollywood drops everything, moves to Tinseltown and discovers that life in the industry is even weirder than he imagined. James Franco, Megan Fox, Seth Rogen, Joey King dir. James Franco Dzongkha 96 minutes

Dec 31, 2021

Ash Is Purest White 2019 6.9/10 (8.8k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Amid a struggle between rival gangs, a woman takes the fall for her fickle mobster boyfriend, who proves to be unworthy of her sacrifice. Zhao Tao, Liao Fan, Xu Zheng, Casper Liang dir. Jia Zhangke Malay 137 minutes
The New King of Comedy 2019 6.2/10 (1.6k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page A movie extra is repeatedly humiliated as she fights for her big break in Chinese cinema. E Jingwen, Wang Baoqiang, Zhang Quandan, Jing Ruyang dir. Stephen Chow Malay 90 minutes
So Long, My Son 2019 7.7/10 (3.8k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Over the course of 30 years, two couples experience tragedy, heartbreak and redemption as seismic shifts in Chinese society transform their world. Wang Jingchun, Yong Mei, Qi Xi, Roy Wang dir. Xiaoshuai Wang Malay 174 minutes
Time Out 2019 7.4/10 (4.8k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page When a vivacious DJ accidentally runs over her stern neighbor, Cupid saves their lives on one condition — she has one month to get that man smitten. Maguy Bou Ghosn, Yorgo Chalhoub, Wissam Sabbagh, Pierre Jamjian dir. Rami Hanna Arabic (Lebanon) 93 minutes

Dec 25, 2021

Mr. Hiiragi’s Homeroom / Season 1 2019 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Days before graduation, an unassuming teacher takes his class hostage: he's determined to confront the truth about their classmate who died by suicide. Masaki Suda, Mei Nagano, Ryota Katayose, Rina Kawaei Itali
Your Turn to Kill / Season 1 2019 0.0/10 (0) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Newlyweds Nana and Shota move into an apartment building whose residents play a game declaring who they'd like to kill. Then, the murders start. Tomoyo Harada, Kei Tanaka, Nanase Nishino, Ryusei Yokohama Itali

Dec 09, 2021

Amsterdam to Anatolia 2019 0.0/10 (10) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page This short film follows the forbidden encounter of two star-crossed lovers, an Arab man and a woman of Anatolian origin. Adam Bakri, Clara Khoury dir. Susan Youssef Dutch 0 minutes
Haifa Street 2019 6.3/10 (91) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page In 2006, amid U.S. occupation, one of Baghdad's iconic streets becomes the center of sectarian conflict when a masked sniper shoots a mysterious stranger. Ali Thamer, Asaad Abdul Majeed, Iman Abdulhasan, Rudhab Ahmed dir. Mohanad Hayal Arabic 78 minutes
Marjoun and the Flying Headscarf 2019 9.0/10 (7) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Following her dad's detainment on dubious terror charges, a Lebanese-American teen navigates her identity in Arkansas with a motorcycle and a headscarf. Dominic Rains, Clara Khoury, Veracity Butcher, Maram Aljahmi dir. Susan Youssef English 80 minutes

Dec 02, 2021

#ABTalks / Season 1 2019 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page In this YouTube show, Emirati entrepreneur and interviewer Anas Bukhash hosts candid one-on-ones with various A-listers, leading to daring revelations. Anas Bukhash, Balqees Fathi, Yousra, Muhanad Al-Hamdi Arabic

Nov 22, 2021

Tenant of the House 2019 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page A driven politician looks to settle a long-standing crisis amid corruption, romance and personal agendas. Inspired by the novel by Dr. Wale Okediran. Yakubu Mohammed, Dele Odule, Joselyn Dumas, Rashida Lobbo dir. Kunle Afolayan Dutch 132 minutes

Nov 17, 2021

Nenjamundu Nermaiyundu Odu Raja 2019 6.1/10 (330) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Offered a large sum of money to complete three challenging tasks, two carefree content creators are in for an entertaining — and eye-opening — journey. Rio Raj, R. J. Vignesh, Shirin Kanchwala dir. Karthik Venugopalan Taiwanese 117 minutes
THE FABLE 2019 6.2/10 (694) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page An elite gun-for-hire is forced to lay low and not kill anyone for a year, but underworld figures start to threaten his newly calm and quiet life. Junichi Okada, Fumino Kimura, Mizuki Yamamoto, Sota Fukushi dir. Kan Eguchi Ita 123 minutes

Nov 06, 2021

Ordinary Love 2019 6.6/10 (3.7k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page A breast cancer diagnosis and treatment shine a light on a couple's lifelong devotion, which must now endure a year of adversity. Lesley Manville, Liam Neeson, David Wilmot, Amit Shah dir. Glenn Leyburn English 91 minutes

Nov 01, 2021

That Moment, My Heart Cried: Cinema Fighters Project 2019 NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page Five directors take inspiration from the music of Exile Tribe artists to tell five moving stories in the third installment of the short film project. Akira, Misako Renbutsu, Taiki Sato, Sayu Kubota dir. Takashi Miike, Hirotaka Inoue Ita 115 minutes

Oct 14, 2021

In Vitro 2019 9.5/10 (18) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page In an underground orchard in Bethlehem, decades after an otherworldly ecodisaster, two scientists discuss exile, loss and nostalgia. Hiam Abbass, Maisa Abd Elhadi, Marah Abu Srour dir. Larissa Sansour, Søren Lind Arabic 0 minutes
Maradona's Legs 2019 6.4/10 (600) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page During the 1990 World Cup, two young Palestinian football fans set out to find the last missing piece of their sticker album and win an Atari. Faris Abbas, Ayoub Abu Hamad, Fahed Hawari, Reem Afifi dir. Firas Khoury Arabic 0 minutes