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Jul 20, 2019

77 Heartbreaks 2017 6.1/10 (307) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page An immature man tries to win back his ex after finding her diary, in which she recorded 77 ways he disappointed her during their relationship. Cheng Sze-kwan, Michelle Wai, Kara Hui, Cheng Hei-Yi dir. Herman Yau, Erica Lee Cantonese 96 minutes

Apr 29, 2019

A Home with A View 2019 6.0/10 (154) TV-MA SuperHD Play Netflix Page When a neighbor blocks their view of the city with a commercial billboard, a Hong Kong family resorts to drastic, imaginative measures to take it down. Tat-Ming Cheung, Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Ng Siu-hin, Jocelyn Choi dir. Herman Yau Cantonese 91 minutes

Oct 27, 2018

An Inspector Calls 2015 7.7/10 (7.9k) NR SuperHD Play Netflix Page When Inspector Karl arrives at the Kau manor before a lavish engagement party, he brings news of a young woman's suicide -- and he has a few questions. Lam Ka Tung, Liu Yan, Louis Koo, Chrissie Chow dir. Raymond Wong, Herman Yau Cantonese 86 minutes

Aug 16, 2018

Shark Busters 2002 6.4/10 (72) TV-14 SuperHD Play Netflix Page Hit by a media storm over his own mounting debts, a police officer leads an investigation against the loan sharks behind a sinister credit scheme. Danny Lee, Brian Ireland, Lam Suet, Ken Lo dir. Herman Yau, Herman Yau Cantonese 91 minutes