We'll Grow Thin Together

We'll Grow Thin Together

1979 4.8 (0.0k)

Victor is a screenwriter whose last work about the Marechal P├ętain is refused by his producer. To add insult to injury, he tells Victor he is paunchy. The unfortunate man becomes obsessed by his weight. He goes out of his way to lose pounds, abetted by his wife, Corinne, who puts him on a reducing diet. He must also go to a health center where he takes exercise. Nothing really works. And one day, in a brewery, he cannot withstand his diet anymore and he has a gastronomic meal. Desperate, he tries his luck at a weight watchers reunion.


Peter Ustinov, Bernadette Lafont, Catherine Alric, Sylvie Joly, Jacques Jouanneau, Michel Modo, Alfred Adam



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