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With Love - Season 1

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WITH LOVE is a one-hour romantic dramedy series centered around siblings Lily and Jorge Diaz and their family, tracking their stories over the course of a year through the framework of the most heightened days of the year… the holidays. The Diaz siblings will weave in and out of the lives of seemingly unrelated Portland residents as they search for love and realize that we are all more connected than we think. It’s a holiday-themed love story with threads celebrating BI-POC, middle-aged, and LGBTQIA love in a way we rarely ever see. WITH LOVE is more than an episodic rom com. It’s a series about love, family, and friendship. Each of the five episodes takes place on a specific holiday. And because every holiday comes with its own baggage, the journeys our characters take reflect the underlying thematic issues of each holiday. Our pilot, “Nochebuena,” is about family — the sacrifices we make and the things we have to endure to keep everybody happy. Our second episode, “New Year’s Eve,” is a party! We see characters starting over in love and work, and others making resolutions which will complicate but hopefully improve their lives. Our third episode, “Valentine’s Day” is about love in all its different forms as the episode explores romantic love, family love, and platonic love. Our fourth episode, “Independence Day,” explores independence as our characters examine what independence means — independence from family, from tradition, from romantic relationships. And the finale, “Día De Los Muertos,” is about the ghosts that chase us all and how we can move on from them and grow to accept love.

Emeraude Toubia
Amazon Studios
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