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2021 5.0/5 (12)   NR HD 90 minutes

Escondido, California, 1994. It's the end of summer and Gene is preparing for his high school drama friends' final murder mystery slumber party. The theatrical hostess, Rose, will fly off to start college the next morning, followed by earnest Claire, charismatic Oscar, and sarcastic Ally. Before they leave their separate ways, however, Gene wants to come out of the closet – but is terrified of what his sheltered Christian friends might think...especially his best friend Oscar. An unexpected visit from JD, a rebellious high school dropout, tempts Gene to escape the party while stoking hidden fears and resentments among the teens. What was planned as a celebration of friendship becomes a reckoning, and this formerly tight-knit group has to decide whether to cling to the past or move forward in uncertainty. Standing at the threshold of change, Gene and the young thespians discover the hardest role to play is themselves. Part “The Breakfast Club,” part “The Big Chill,” this nostalgic, funny coming-of-age tale is a poignant love letter to drama nerds, late bloomers, and the intense friendships that mark our youth.

Anna Grace Barlow
comedy, drama, gaylesbian
Dramarama LLC
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