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2021 3.0/5 (2.6k)   R HD 91 minutes

Jolt tells the story of Lindy (Kate Beckinsale) who has an impulse control disorder and reacts violently to anyone who’s being rude, lies, cheats or does anything unacceptable. Her response reminds an animal instinct, she directly attacks the person across. Lindy’s esoteric therapist Dr. Munchin (Stanley Tucci) has rigged up for her an electrical shocking vest with a button that she can push whenever that happens - a sort of aversion therapy. Lindy lives her days and nights, wearing this jolting vest, trying to accept the way she is. One day she meets Justin. He is not afraid of her weird lifestyle. He sees deeper into her soul. And Lindy falls for him. She begins to imagine how would it feel - to have a normal relationship… and then Justin is murdered. Furious, full of rage and madness, Lindy starts to investigate who the killer was, determined to get revenge for her boyfriend. A violent, funny, weird, and at times absurd chain of events follow as Lindy takes on the adventure of chasing the killer. On her way she will meet two interesting police representatives Detective Vicars (Bobby Cannavale) and Detective Nevin (Laverne Cox) as well as other quite vivid characters. Moving through some kick-ass action scenes Lindy will make her way to the most peculiar of couples - the billionaire Gareth Fizel (David Bradley) and his security person Delacroix (Ori Pfeffer). In a game of hunt and torture with them Lindy manages to unleash her unique potential and make all bad guys pay in the end. She discovers not only the truth about Justin but also understands what she was capable of and learns how to master her skills. Lindy comes out of this journey with a new ability - to live her life without carrying the psychological burdens from the past. She begins to imagine how would it feel…

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