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Badrinath Ki Dulhania

2017 4.0/5 (72)   HD 138 minutes

Badrinath Bansal, a man from Jhansi, is an MCP, not by choice, but because of his upbringing led by his dominant father Ambernath Bansal. When he meets Vaidehi Trivedi, he believes he has found the ideal bride. But Vaidehi is an aspirational girl, from Kota, trying to fight her way out of the male dominant world she has grown up in. She craves independence and an individual identity, something most small town Indian girls don’t have the luxury to dream off. For Badri, Vaidehi’s dreams are more conversations rather than a practical way of life, but he continues to entertain them just to woo her. Vaidehi is trying hard to be the son of her family, but is constantly bombarded with the realities of small down India, where for a woman, a happy married life is given more importance than a career. Badrinath Ki Dulhania is the story of these two opposites. Their interactions lead to humor, difference of opinions and conflicts, which are against the moral fabric of MCP’s in general.

Varun Dhawan
comedy, international
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