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1984 5.0/5 (2)   HD 169 minutes

Vinod Kumar (Dilip Kumar),an upright and honest man, is an editor of the newspaper "Mashaal". He is dismissed from his job for writing the "nasty truth" about an influential politician and crime lord S.K Vardhan. He relocates to Mumbai to start-up his own publication house. Soon he faces problems with street side vagabonds and their uncouth leader Raja (Anil Kapoor). Vinod then decides to approach Raja with a positive attitude and instead bring out the good in him. Raja gives up his ill doings and instead decides to get educated. Several months later Raja returns, anxious to start a career with Vinod's publication. On his return, he hears about a criminal who is vile and nefarious. Watch to find out what happens when Raja soon discovers the man to be Vinod who is now a changed person and has no interest in his publication house.

Anil Kapoor
drama, international
Yash Raj Films Pvt. Ltd.
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