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1993 SD 149 minutes

Roshni Chadha (Sridevi) is an innocent and humble young woman who has been troubled, ever since her childhood, about the identity of her father (Anupam Kher) and why he abandoned her and her mother. With her mother's blessing, she moves to Mumbai with her uncle. There, she befriends the charming Rahul Malhotra (Rahul Roy), who discovers that she can sing and helps her become a famous singer. She is frequently pursued by her biggest fan, Jaggu (Sanjay Dutt) who has fallen in love with her and lives just to see her sing. But Roshni relentlessly declines him, over and over. She is actually attracted to Rahul, and due to a series of events, she accompanies him to Hong Kong. At the airport, she is apprehended for possession of drugs, and Rahul mysteriously goes missing. She is thrown in prison and receives the death penalty. Jaggu, who learns about this, travels all the way to Hong Kong to somehow dramatically break her out prison. Will Jaggu rescue Roshni? Will Roshni discover the secret about her father?

action, international, thriller
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