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2012 5.0/5 (3)   HD 140 minutes

Inspector Surjan Singh Sekhawat (Aamir Khan) is dealing with an investigation of a high-profile film actor Armaan Kapoor, who dies in a tragic car accident and gets drowned in the sea. The circumstances surrounding the crime scene do not point towards suicide, nor does he have much evidence to proceed with the case. Meanwhile, Surjan's wife, Roshni (Rani Mukherjee) struggles with her grief over an unfortunate death of the couple's young son, Karan. To avoid his difficult home life, Surjan concentrates on solving Armaan's mysterious death. While investigating, Surjan reaches the nearby red-light area, where he meets Rosie(Kareena Kapoor), an alluring sex worker, who holds the key to the case, with lots of hidden secrets. Watch to find out, Rosie's hidden secrets and her background story? Will Surjan be able to solve the case?

Aamir Khan
international, thriller
Excel Entertainment Pvt Ltd
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