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Betty Danger: Vice Cop

2021 1.0/5 (3)   TV-MA SD 46 minutes

Betty (August Arroya) was the wildest girl at the Police Academy, ready to take on anything… or anyone. So along with her diploma, she earned quite the reputation, and a nickname to go with it: Betty Danger. Her friends always said she’d either become a Vice Detective, or get picked up by one, so when she received her promotion to join the Vice Squad, she knew she found her true calling. Much to her dismay, however, her first assignment is riding the desk as the team’s new receptionist, far from the adventure and dark sensuality the job is known for. But when a mysterious woman (Amanda Auclair) begins throwing underground parties all over LA and high-shelf hookers start popping out of the woodwork, it’s all dicks on deck, and Betty Danger is called to live up to her name.

August Arroya
comedy, gaylesbian, thriller
Full Moon Features
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