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Inez & Doug & Kira

2020 5.0/5 (29)   NR HD 97 minutes

The story of Inez & Doug & Kira is set in motion after Inez, a brilliant yet unstable recovering addict, commits suicide and leaves no note. Inez's mysterious death leaves the two mourners—her sister Kira and Kira’s fiancé, Doug—with a mound of unanswered questions. As they look for clues and dig up the past, the puzzle pieces begins to come together, uncovering the trio's complicated web of relationships. In a film that explores the collateral damage that can be caused by a loved one's psychological unraveling, writer/director Julia Kots tackles themes of mental health, addiction, and love in an intimate, yet unflinching light.

Michael Chernus
drama, thriller
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