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Black Box

2020 4.5/5 (1.5k)   HD 100 minutes

Having lost his wife and his memory in a tragic car accident, news photographer Nolan Wright (Mamoudou Athie) is desperate to regain a sense of normalcy for both himself and his young daughter Ava (Amanda Christine). So when brilliant neurologist Dr. Lillian Brooks (Phylicia Rashad) invites him to participate in an experimental treatment that might reverse his condition, he cautiously agrees. Using an advanced neural processor called the Black Box, Dr. Brooks guides Nolan through his subconscious with the goal of reclaiming his lost identity. But the memory flashes he experiences during the procedure are darker and more violent than anything he anticipated. Even more terrifying is the disfigured creature that threatens to kill Nolan whenever he enters his surreal dream-state. A haunting descent into one man’s shattered psyche, Black Box is a high-tech thriller that poses the question: Do we run our minds or do our minds run us?

Mamoudou Athie
horror, scifi, thriller
Amazon Studios
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