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Blow The Man Down

2020 3.5/5 (1.1k)   R HD 91 minutes

Welcome to Easter Cove, a remote and insular fishing village on Maine’s rocky coast. In this small town, bonds run as deep as the ocean and secrets are as thick as the morning fog. Each day, droves of men take to sea for the daily catch while a handful of women serve as the community’s powerful, albeit discrete, operators. Though the self-interested code of the town’s old guard has governed for years, our tale takes place as the tides are turning in Easter Cove. Mary Margaret Connolly, a beloved and integral town matriarch, has just passed away. In the wake of her death, her daughters, Mary Beth and Priscilla, face an uncertain future. Priscilla takes over the family fish shop while her younger sister Mary Beth refuses to accept the new responsibilities. The sisters find themselves at odds and Mary Beth stubbornly defends her dream of leaving town — even if it means abandoning Priscilla altogether. Meanwhile, across town, at a bed and breakfast-turned-brothel, established town elder and madame Enid Nora Devlin is managing two huge problems: someone stole $50K in cash and one of her girls, Dee, has gone missing. With little else to do, she sends her muscle, an outsider named Gorski, in pursuit of the cash and Dee. After a series of chance wrong turns sets Gorski on a collision course with Mary Beth, she accidentally kills him and must turn to the only person she has left: her sister. Together, the Connolly sisters must cover up Mary Beth’s mistake and figure out what to do with the mysterious bag of cash they found in his shack. When Dee’s body washes up on shore, the town’s remaining matriarchs — Doreen, Gail and Susie — snap into action. These three, along with Enid and Mary Margaret, have quietly maintained the code of conduct for decades, navigating the murky water of the town's dubious past. The matriarchs intervene and make it their business to decide Enid’s fate... as well as the fate of the Connolly sisters.

Morgan Saylor
comedy, drama, thriller
Amazon Studios
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Prime from Aug 10, 2020