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2018 3.0/5 (1)   NR HD 94 minutes

Gholam is an Iranian immigrant living in London, where he drives a cab and moonlights as a mechanic. An enigmatic figure, he is full of contradictions. He agrees to his mother's plans for his return, but has no intention of actually going back. He eats at his uncle's café every day, while fully aware of being betrayed by him. He lives a quiet life and generally tries to keep to himself. Nevertheless, one day he is approached by two mysterious Iranian men who remember him as a heroic soldier in the Iran-Iraq War and are keen to enlist him in their mission. Meanwhile, Gholam finds a mission of his own, through his friendship with an elderly woman in the neighborhood. Between these conflicts of the past and present, the future is uncertain.

Shahab Hosseini
drama, international
Under The Milky Way
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