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Amazon Riders - Season 1

4.5/5 (70)   HD

A new challenge arrives in 2016, this being the 45th anniversary of Kamen Rider. "Amazon Riders", the fourth production in this series, sets itself apart from the pack as an original work that reimagines the origins of this long-running series. It is full with distinctive visuals and wild action and made for Amazon Prime Video Japan. Haruka and Jin: one is tame, the other is wild. The show introduces the viewer to these two very different Amazon Riders. The different mentalities of various characters intersect and inevitably draw the viewer deeper into the the mystery of this dramatic story.(C)2016 "Amazon Riders" Production Committee (C) Ishimori Production Inc. and Toei Company, Ltd.

Tom Fujita
action, international
Amazon Studios
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Prime from Aug 10, 2020