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Fasten Your Seatbelt (English Subtitled)

2015 3.5/5 (13)   G HD 110 minutes

Elena and Antonio are not made for one another. Their personalities and life choices are too different. They see the world differently, they relate differently to others, they think and live differently. They're polar opposites. And yet they are swept away by a mutual attraction they should fight, to which they should not succumb. Not only because they're not right for one another, but also because Elena is with Giorgio and Antonio is with Silvia, Elena's best friend. What's more Fabio, who's gay and is Elena's closest friend, profoundly dislikes Antonio, for his attitude and blatant homophobia. Theirs is initially a physical attraction - they're both very good-looking. But while this may be enough for a man, do the same rules apply to a woman? How can Elena overcome her lack of respect for Antonio? Above all, how can she betray her friends and her boyfriend?

Kasia Smutniak
comedy, drama
Under The Milky Way
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