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They Came to Rob Las Vegas

1969 4.0/5 (26)   R HD 128 minutes

It seemed like the perfect crime. They thought they had pulled it off. But it ended in a lethal hail of bullets when They Came to Rob Las Vegas. Blackjack dealer Tony (Gary Lockwood--2001: A Space Odyssey) has an audacious, ruthless plan to rob an armored car: His girlfriend, Anne (Elke Sommer--Deadlier than the Male), has become the mistress of Skorsky (Lee J. Cobb--On the Waterfront), the owner of the armored car company. With Anne's information, Tony's gang hijacks $10 million shipment of cash. They hide the truck underground in the desert, where they can take their time cutting through the armored plating with blow torches. But with so much cash so near--and the police slowly closing in--greed becomes lethal among the gang members.

Gary Lockwood
drama, thriller
Warner Bros.
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