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Off The Boulevard

2011 SD 96 minutes

Off The Boulevard is a story of art and heart; and the dedication it takes to achieve your dreams. It is an entertaining and informative Documentary Feature about seven artists: two musicians (Nick Nicholson, Keith Jackson), two filmmakers (Troy Duffy, Jeff Santo), two actors (David Della Rocco, Sanel Budimlic), and one comedian (Bob Rubin), whose friendships are created through struggle and perseverance. Their journey will transcend the world of entertainment and inspire all who strive to pave their own road. Off The Boulevard talks of trials and impeding forces common to most ardent and driven individuals in pursuit of their dream. It pinpoints the problems in a system that neglects the Independent Artist, and raises the question for a solution. Also featuring industry insights from well-knowns such as: Peter Fonda (Easy Rider), Joe Mantegna (Criminal Minds), Gilby Clarke (Guns N' Roses), Sonny Barger (Hell's Angels), Dan Haggerty (Grizzly Adams), and Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam).

Troy Duffy, Sanel Budimlic, David Della Rocco, Bob Rubin
comedy, drama, independentfilm, music, nonfiction
Santo Productions
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