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2010 Willow Jr 100 Sled Dog Race

2010 3.0/5 (1)   SD 53 minutes

Before you can run the Iditarod or the Quest you have to run mid-distance races. For teens, one race specifically for them, is the Willow Jr 100. A two day race in the heart of one of Alaska's great mushing communities, Willow, the Jr 100 allows teens to test their mushing skills and how well they can care for the dogs. Join the six teams as they climb the Talkeetna Mountains to Grandpa Joe's halfway point, rest overnight and blast down the mountains to the finish line. It's a cool ride, "chasing the call of the wild out there". Original music by Kyf Brewer and Jim Parkinson of the band Barleyjuice. A Husky Productions DVD. (c)2010

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