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Brad Meltzer's Decoded Season 1

2011 4.0/5 (303)   TV-14 HD

Best-selling author and history buff Brad Meltzer has studied and written about some of the most revered institutions and documents in human history including the Supreme Court, the presidency, the Secret Service, Wall Street, and the bible. Along the way he's uncovered countless clues, stories and theories he hasn't been able to fully scrutinize...until now. In Brad Meltzer's Decoded, he explores the hidden codes and symbols that surround us. Drawing from Brad's fascination with history, this captivating HISTORY series serves as a foundation to inform the past and reveal valuable stories about the future. Among the mysteries explored are: the real story behind the White House cornerstone, one of the first pieces of our democracy which has been missing for two centuries; the location of the lost Confederate treasury; the hidden messages of the Statue of Liberty; and whether Lady Liberty is anti-religion.

A&E Television Networks
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