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SWORD OF HEARTS - An Elizabethan Adventure

2004 3.5/5 (5)   SD 117 minutes

Experience this Swashbuckling Adventure full of Action, Intrigue, Romance and Magic! Follow the adventures of Geoffrey Pierce (Travis Estes), a young soldier returning home from foreign wars. Coming back with plans to make amends to Lady Grace (Amy Harmon), a woman he once wronged, Geoffrey finds her married into the powerful Durant family - nobility with a dark and dangerous plan to put Tristan Durant (Zach Thomas) on the throne of England! Joined by a young and cunning thief, Nola (Kathrynne Ann Rosen), Geoffrey is thrust into a tangled web of intrigue, thrilling action, and the desperate search for the mystical Eurydice Hook. Starring: Travis Estes, Amy Harmon, Kathrynne Ann Rosen, & Zach Thomas Featuring songs from the popular Midwestern Celtic band Waking Maggie!!!

Travis Estes
adventure, drama, fantasy, history
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