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Cabin in the Sky

1943 4.5/5 (314)   SD 98 minutes

Hollywood’s first all-black film since The Green Pastures tells the vibrant fable of rascally Little Joe, torn between the love of his good wife Petunia and the wiles of good-time bad-girl Georgia Brown...and caught in a tug-of-war between emissaries from the Lord and Satan. How can virtue triumph over evil? Well, as Petunia says, “Sometimes when you fight the devil, you gotta jab him with his own pitchfork.” Debuting movie director Vincente Minnelli (An American in Paris, Gigi) and stars Ethel Waters, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, Lena Horne, Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington are more than a match for the devil in this musical treasure. With a soundtrack of dazzling standards, including “Taking a Chance on Love” and “Happiness Is a Thing Called Joe,” Cabin in the Sky is a joyous classic.

Ethel Waters
drama, fantasy, musical
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