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Released 2019

Málaga, la alfombra roja del cine español 2019 Play Amazon Page HD
Antonio Banderas, Emma Suárez, Imanol Arias, Nathalie Poza, Raul Arévalo , Hugo Silva, Natalia de Molina and many more talk to us about the Malaga Cinema Festival, that in just... Antonio Banderas Sooft Experiencias Audiovisuales 50 minutes nonfiction

Released 2016

Labyrinth Of Passion 2016 Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.0/5 (13)   LABYRINTH OF PASSION narrates several love stories. The majority of them end happily while the rest end unhappily but with a certain ray of hope. The couple around whom the story... Cecilia Roth Sony Pictures 98 minutes comedy, drama, romance

Released 1988

El Lute II: Tomorrow I'll be free 1988 Play Amazon Page HD
"El Lute" fights tirelessly for his life and his freedom. His dream of living a "normal life" is so powerfull that nothing can stop him. The reunion with his family after... Imanol Arias Premium Cine 121 minutes drama

Released 1987

El Lute: Run for Your Life 1987 Play Amazon Page HD
First part of the real history of "El Lute", a delinquent who became notorious in Spain for his prision escapes in the 60's, converting himself in a popular legend. Based on real... Imanol Arias Premium Cine 116 minutes drama