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Released 2008

Massacre Time 2008 Play Amazon Page SD
3.0/5 (10)   Fulcis first western may well be his best. A New Mexico town has been taken over by an evil land baron and his swarthy thugs. Then Nero rides into town and trouble starts.... Franco Nero Sinister Cinema 89 minutes western

Released 2007

Devil Has 7 Faces (1971) 2007 Play Amazon Page SD
2.0/5 (8)   The theft of jewels and mistaken identity complicate the life of Mary in this crime thriller. Carroll Baker Synergy Ent 90 minutes thriller
The Next Victim 2007 Play Amazon Page SD
5.0/5 (1)   1971, aka THE STRANGE VICE OF MRS. WARDH) This film is considered by many to be a landmark giallo film. An ambassador's promiscuous wife discovers that either her husband, George Hilton Sinister Cinema 96 minutes horror, thriller

Released 1983

Raiders Of Atlantis 1983 Play Amazon Page HD
2.5/5 (34)   When a pair of Miami mercenaries, Christopher Connelly & Tony King, rescue a team of scientists investigating the lost city of Atlantis, they'll instead discover a... Severin Films 92 minutes scifi

Released 1979

The Killer Must Kill Again 1979 Play Amazon Page NR SD
4.0/5 (14)   Giorgio is a greedy adulterer who makes a deal with a serial killer to dispose of his wealthy wife, Nora. Unfortunately, a thrill-seeking young couple steal the killer's car with... George Hilton Desert Island Films 90 minutes international, thriller

Released 1972

The Case of The Bloody Iris 1972 Play Amazon Page SD
3.5/5 (27)   When two young women are viciously slain in a luxury high-rise, a beautiful young model moves into one of their vacated apartments - and soon finds that she is now being stalked... Edwige Fenech Blue Underground, Inc. 94 minutes horror, thriller

Released 1971

Guns for Dollars 1971 Play Amazon Page HD
Gag and treasure hunt in this spaghetti western with a wonderful soundtrack by Stelvio Cipriani. Mexico. The gunslinger Alleluja is commissioned by the revolutionary general... George Hilton Minerva Pictures - Movietime 91 minutes western
The Case of the Scorpion's Tail 1971 Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.0/5 (23)   When Lisa's husband died in an accident, she goes to get his generous life insurance policy but soon discovers that others are willing to kill for it. Anita Strindberg Arrow Video 95 minutes thriller

Released 1970

Sartana's Here, Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin 1970 Play Amazon Page HD
3.0/5 (6)   Sartana, bounty hunter and gunfighter, witnesses the robbery of a shipment of gold. He finds his way into town where he meets with a lot of suspicious stares from the locals. He... George Hilton Minerva Pictures - Compass 88 minutes western

Released 1969

The Tanks of El Alamein 1969 Play Amazon Page SD
World war two drama about the 1942 North Africa battle at El Alamein between the Allies and the Axis forces. Frederick Stafford Shout! 87 minutes action, drama

Released 1968

Massacre Time 1968 Play Amazon Page NR HD
3.0/5 (13)   Two estranged brothers forced to band together against the powerful businessman and his sadistic son who've seized control of their hometown. Franco Nero Arrow Films 91 minutes action

Released 1967

Halleluja for Django 1967 Play Amazon Page SD
3.5/5 (4)   A stronghold of the Spaghetti Western genre with George Hilton in the role of Billy "Rum" Cooney. A gang organizes a robbery at the Middletown bank, a perfect hit that yields... George Hilton Minerva Pictures Group 107 minutes western
Red Blood, Yellow Gold - Digitally Remastered 1967 Play Amazon Page SD
2.5/5 (18)   Hilton, Martin and Byrnes are three bandits who have joined the Southern ranks during the Civil War. They're caught selling guns to the Union and are sentenced to a firing squad.... Edd Byrnes TGG Direct 88 minutes western

Unknown Release Date

Battle of El Alamein Play Amazon Page SD
3.0/5 (63)   Battle of El Alamein Frederick Stafford Synergy Ent 95 minutes war