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Released 2021

Save Jane 2021 Play Amazon Page HD
A young couple are expecting a new born, in one day all their hopes and dreams are taken away from them Eve Gordon Imacanon Productions 60 minutes drama, romance, thriller

Released 2017

The Garage Sale 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
2.0/5 (1)   Three different stories that all happen simultaneously at the same location: a joint garage sale with three different couples who are all friends, and a host of typical garage... Anslem Richardson JM Logan & Molly Hagan 49 minutes comedy

Released 1999

Come On Get Happy: The Partridge Family Story 1999 Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (2)   Danny Bonaduce is a consulting producer on this telefilm that tells the story of how he and his fellow actors of the 1970s CTIT television show The Partridge Family were changed... Eve Gordon Samuel Goldwyn Films 87 minutes comedy, drama

Released 1997

Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves 1997 Play Amazon Page PG HD
4.5/5 (101)   When absent-minded inventor Wayne Szalinski decides to use his infamous shrink machine "just one more time," Wayne, his brother, and their wives are left to brave household... Rick Moranis Walt Disney Pictures 75 minutes comedy, family

Released 1973

Here's Lucy 1973 Play Amazon Page HD
4.5/5 (49)   This complete fifth season of Here's Lucy (1968-74, CBS-TV) features all 24 color episodes. Guest stars include Lloyd Bridges, Mary Wickes, Eva Gabor, Joe Namath, Totie Fields,... Lucille Ball MPI Media Group comedy

Released 1958

Tarzan And The Trappers 1958 Play Amazon Page NR SD
2.5/5 (56)   Tarzan the ape man deals with an expedition of evil white hunters who are illegally collecting animals for zoos, while also searching for a lost city filled with treasure. He... Gordon Scott Reel Enterprises 69 minutes action
Tarzan and the Trappers 1958 Play Amazon Page NR SD
2.5/5 (56)   Enforcing the jungle's code of justice, Tarzan tries to impede the actions of greedy trappers capturing animals for zoos and save a noble chieftain along the way. Also stars Eve... Gordon Scott Warner Bros. 69 minutes action, adventure, family

Released 1956

Our Miss Brooks 1956 Play Amazon Page NR SD
4.0/5 (36)   In the 1950s, America adopted Our Miss Brooks as its very own. Eve Arden starred as Connie Brooks in the long-running radio and TV series about a wisecracking high school English... Eve Arden WARNER BROS. 84 minutes comedy