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Released 2021

Sacrifice 2021 Play Amazon Page HD
3.5/5 (15)   After his mother's death, Isaac and his pregnant wife return to his birthplace on a remote Norwegian island to claim on unexpected inheritance. During their visit, the couple... Barbara Crampton Epic Pictures 87 minutes horror, thriller
God of the Piano 2021 Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (1)   Anat has never been able to reach her father's exacting musical standards, and now her family's hope of producing a musical prodigy rests on her unborn son. When the baby is born... Naama Preis Film Movement 80 minutes drama, music
Capitol Joe 2021 Play Amazon Page HD
4.5/5 (21)   After accidentally securing his first term, a corny, out of touch, environmentalist finds himself on a downward spiral towards corruption in a desperate attempt to secure his... Andrew John Morrison Egalitarian Arts Foundation comedy, drama

Released 2020

Scattered 2020 Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (2)   Distant siblings Andy and Val make an overnight drive to scatter their parent's ashes up north. On the road, they reminisce on their childhoods, but open some family wounds along... Laura Tremblay Indiecan Entertainment Inc. 11 minutes comedy, drama
Child's Play 3 2020 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.0/5 (159)   Chucky’s toy company rebuilds the possessed doll, resurrecting the soul of a serial killer yet again. Unbeknownst to Andy, now a teenager, Chucky sets off on a murderous rampage,... Justin Whalin Universal City Studios Product 90 minutes drama, horror, thriller
Carl's Car Wash 4 2020 Play Amazon Page HD
Join Carl on even more fun adventures helping his friends! The galaxy has a whole lot of vehicles that need cleaning. Time for the car wash to clean up a golf cart, a choo choo... Andy Hayward Janson Media 52 minutes animation, family
The Three Wise Men 2020 Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (41)   Narrated by the legendary Andy Griffith, the animated special The Three Wise Men is a charming re-imagination of the classic Christmas story following the three wise men on a... Andy Griffith Reel-FX Animation 26 minutes animation, family
Junkyard Empire Season 5 2020 Play Amazon Page TV-PG HD
5.0/5 (1)   Andy Cohen built an empire out of a junkyard, and his father Bobby has been in the junkyard game for decades. Andy, Bobby and their team find the proverbial diamonds in the... Velocity
Your Call Is Important To Us 2020 Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (1)   What really goes on at call-centers when we're asked, 'Please hold'? We peek behind the scenes of one particularly specialized call-center on that fateful day when big-shot CEO,... David James TJ Power 14 minutes comedy
Four Kids and It 2020 Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.0/5 (93)   In this star-studded family adventure, based on the best selling children's book, four kids discover a magical creature that grants their wishes-but they face danger when each... Paula Patton Lionsgate 110 minutes family, scifi
Knifepoint 2020 Play Amazon Page HD
3.0/5 (24)   On Christmas Eve, two sisters sharing a Venice apartment discover their home is the final target of a brutal gang of criminals led by Jess and his sadistic sister Lorraine. Scott Elrod Green Apple Entertainment 81 minutes horror, thriller
Carl's Car Wash 5 2020 Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (1)   Carl's back! And this time he's got his work cut out for him. From superheroes to talking jack-o-lanterns, Carl rolls up his sleeves and helps them all get their vehicles super... Andy Hayward Janson Media 52 minutes animation, family
The Bumble Nums - Season 4 2020 Play Amazon Page HD
Humble, Stumble and Grumble are back! This time their adventures are taking them to lots of exciting places. There's riding a shopping cart in Upsidedown Town, swinging on vines... Andy Hayward Janson Media 42 minutes action, animation, family
Who Killed JFK? The Conspiracies 2020 Play Amazon Page NR HD
1.0/5 (1)   John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s assassination is a memory etched onto the minds of most Americans. Given time, his ideology would have dictated the course of world history. On November... Andy Thomas Entertain Me Productions LTD 54 minutes documentary
The Secret: Dare to Dream 2020 Play Amazon Page PG HD
4.5/5 (1.7k)   A feel-good movie starring Katie Holmes and Josh Lucas based on the best-selling book "The Secret," which focuses on the power of positive thinking. Katie Holmes Lionsgate 107 minutes drama
Ana 2020 Play Amazon Page HD
4.5/5 (42)   Rafa, discovers nine-year-old Ana sleeping in the back of one of his car. In an attempt to both locate Ana's father and somehow settle Rafa's increasingly pressing debts, Rafa... Andy Garcia Gravitas Ventures 105 minutes drama, thriller

Released 2019

Bad Vegan and the Teleportation Machine 2019 Play Amazon Page HD
2.0/5 (2)   Comedy proving grim, Lily reunites with Spike, a high-school nerd turned handsome physicist. Spike convinces her to work with him on his Teleportation Machine which a major... Brianne Berkson Comedy Dynamics 90 minutes comedy, scifi
Carl's Car Wash 2 2019 Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (5)   Join Carl, some new friends and old, in his first mini-movie as he sets out on a thrilling adventure to make his car wash bigger and better for some very dirty, oversized... Andy Hayward Janson Media 84 minutes adventure, animation, family
Everton - Howard's Way 2019 Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (10)   The definitive story of Everton at the peak of their powers in the mid-1980s, when they became the best side in the land. They won the FA Cup, thrashed Man Utd 5-0, beat... Neville Southall Toffee Films 109 minutes documentary, sport
9/11: Inside Air Force One Season 1 2019 Play Amazon Page TV-14 HD
4.5/5 (20)   This documentary tells the story of 9/11 from a unique vantage point: inside Air Force One on its nine-hour journey from Florida, across the country, and finally home to... History
The Fiddling Horse 2019 Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (6)   The Fiddling Horse is a dark comedy following Leslie Heart, a woman who inherits a racehorse. In an attempt to elevate her failing status within her high society circle, she... Andy Kindler Upstream Flix 71 minutes comedy
Unforgotten: Season 3 2019 Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
4.5/5 (334)   Cassie and Sunny connect the human remains found by a highway to Hayley Reid, a 16-year-old girl who went missing on the eve of the millennium. Cassie is determined to fix the... Nicola Walker PBS thriller
Abduction 2019 Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (27)   Quinn steps out of a park fountain in Vietnam with no recollection of who he is or where he came from. As he wanders through the city, piecing together clues to his past, he is... Scott Adkins Shout! Factory 97 minutes action, thriller
Retro Report on PBS: Season 1 2019 Play Amazon Page TV-14 HD
3.5/5 (3)   Retro Report helps viewers understand the present by revealing the past. The series is anchored by journalist storytellers Celeste Headlee and Masud Olufani and features New... Celeste Headlee PBS