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Released 2020

Prawaas 2020 Play Amazon Page HD
When his kidneys fail to function. How a 65-years retired man Abhijat Inamdar one day finds a path which takes him on unique and never seen before journey along with his wife Lata. Ashok Saraf Om Chhangani Films / Everest Entertainment LLP. 133 minutes drama

Released 2018

Hrudayat Something Something 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
A sales manager, falls in love with a Girl, a beautiful woman. His boss offers to help him impress the girl but puts forth a condition that requires him to become more... ASHOK SARAF PYRAMID FILMS HOUSE 124 minutes comedy, romance
Me Shivaji Park 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
3.5/5 (6)   Five retired men are regular joggers at Shivaji Park discussing their families and current affairs with each other. But when one of their family members dies, they decide to... Ashok Saraf NH STUDIOZ 121 minutes documentary, drama

Released 2013

Ya Topi Khali Dadlay Kay ? 2013 Play Amazon Page HD
Ya Topi Khali Dadlay Kay ? Is A Political Comedy Drama Marathi Movie, Directed By Dattaram Tavde, Starring Two Popular Comedy Actors Ashok Sharaf And Makrand Anaspure In The Lead... Ashok Saraf Ultra Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. 119 minutes comedy, drama

Released 2010

Ideachi Kalpana 2010 Play Amazon Page HD
Jayram is an struggling actor who is slated for greatness or at least his sister Jaywanti thinks so. Her husband Manohar is a lawyer. But he is a fraud. He prefers out of court... Sachin Pilgaonkar Sushriya Chitra 124 minutes comedy

Released 2008

Sakhi 2008 Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (1)   Suryakant, a middle-aged widower, has lost his job under Compulsory Retirement Scheme. His philanthropic ideas are met with indifferent response at his village where he happens... Ashok Saraf Shri Chintamani Vision / Everest Entertainment 152 minutes drama

Released 2006

Deva Shapath Khota Saangen Khara Sangnar Nahi 2006 Play Amazon Page HD
In order to impress the girl he loves, Chandu claims to be from a wealthy family and lies about having a job in an MNC. Chaos ensues when her parents ask to meet his parents. Ashok Saraf Video Palace (Bombay) Pvt. Ltd. 131 minutes comedy

Released 1993

Lapandav 1993 Play Amazon Page HD
Abhijeet Samarth lives a wealthy lifestyle along with his advocate wife Asavari and daughter Rasika. Abhijeet's friend, Advocate Anantrao Mahasabdey also lives a wealthy... Ashok Saraf Amol Productions / Everest Entertainment 145 minutes comedy

Released 1992

Subhamangal Savadhan 1992 Play Amazon Page HD
Jaya and Suman, college mates & best friends, are today's sworn enemies. Jaya is in love with Rajesh, who use to study in the same college. But seeing them together infuriates... Ashok Saraf Mangal Sandhya Pictures / Everest Entertainment 139 minutes comedy

Released 1991

Shejari Shejari 1991 Play Amazon Page HD
Shejari Shejari- is a light, refreshing comedy picturing the invariable confusions and humorous situations that arise when people accidentally cross one another's path under... Laxmikant Berde Amol Productions 139 minutes comedy

Released 1990

Balidaan 1990 Play Amazon Page SD
The story revolves around Ramesh and his family which dissolves due to a spate of ill-fated events. His sudden imprisonment leads to a drastic situation. Ashok Saraf NH Studioz 154 minutes action, drama
Aamchya Sarkhe Aamhich 1990 Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (1)   Two brothers Abhay (Sachin Pilgaonkar) and Nirbhay (Ashok Saraf) come across their lookalikes and decide to interchange their lives with their lookalikes. Ashok Saraf Video Palace 138 minutes comedy

Released 1989

Pheka Pheki 1989 Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (1)   Raju & Viju are a happy couple with the only exception of wife's suspicious nature. Unavoidable circumstances force Raju into fabricating a story with imaginary characters to... Ashok Saraf Glamour Films / Everest Entertainment 117 minutes comedy
Ek Gadi Baki Anadi 1989 Play Amazon Page HD
Raja, a car enthusiast and mechanic, chances upon a four-wheeled wonder that is nothing like the other ordinary vehicles. The car is a witness to Raja's father's death years ago.... Laxmikant Berde Video Palace (Bombay) Pvt. Ltd. 134 minutes comedy

Released 1988

Balache Baap Brahmachari 1988 Play Amazon Page SD
5.0/5 (1)   Two bachelors find an abandoned baby boy outside their house. They have no other option than to take care of him. Laxmikant Berde NH Studioz 140 minutes comedy, drama
Ashi Hi Banwa Banwi 1988 Play Amazon Page SD
5.0/5 (7)   Four friends are searching for rented accommodation. The landlady insists only on married couples, so two of the friends are forced to dress as women and pretend to be wives of... Ashok Saraf NH Studioz 137 minutes comedy, drama

Released 1987

Premasathi Vattel Te 1987 Play Amazon Page HD
Rama, a highly suspicious and possessive woman will do anything for the love of her husband Madhav, who, thanks to the nature of his job is always surrounded by a bevy of... Ashok Saraf Shree Prasad Chitra / Everest Entertainment 148 minutes comedy
Gammat Jammat 1987 Play Amazon Page SD
Gautam and Falgun are two simpletons tired of living in poverty. Finally they decide to give it a shot at earning a fortune. It's a simple plan. Kidnap the heir apparent from a... Sachin Pilgaonkar Shree Tulsi Productions 149 minutes comedy, drama

Released 1985

Khichadi 1985 Play Amazon Page HD
Dadasaheb Jagdale a rich businessman & his wife just have memories of their son Jaggu who left the house in childhood. His younger brother Raghu has spoiled the peace of the... Ashok Saraf V K Productions / Everest Entertainment 135 minutes comedy, drama

Released 1984

Navri Mile Navryala 1984 Play Amazon Page SD
Deshmukhs and Inamdars are neighbors. Inamdar family is controlled by Ma'saheb, a firm disciplinarian with the iron fist; whereas, Deshmukh clan is freewheeling and least... Sachin Pilgaonkar Shree Tulsi Productions 142 minutes comedy

Released 1982

Galli Te Delhi 1982 Play Amazon Page HD
A Thug poses as minister with two of his aides as his PA in a small village the simple villagers give them their wealth where in the thugs are no where to be found the police is... Ashok Saraf Shree Tulsi Productions 111 minutes comedy