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1 a Minute 2010 Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.0/5 (8)   Every 69 seconds, somewhere in the world, a woman dies of breast cancer. Let's stop the clock! What will YOU do? Global celebs share stories of Hope, Courage and Survival of... Olivia Newton-John Warner Bros. 89 minutes documentary
The 100: Season 5 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
4.5/5 (263)   In the aftermath of Praimfaya, the 100 must begin again. With Season Five, our heroes have to examine their responsibility to the new place they call home, and the future... Eliza Taylor Warner Bros. drama, scifi
11.22.63 2016 Play Amazon Page TV-NR HD
4.5/5 (605)   On November 22, 1963, three shots rang out in Dallas, President Kennedy was killed, and the world changed. What if you could change it back? James Franco stars in this epic... Warner Bros.
11:14 2016 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.5/5 (211)   11:14 follows the intricate connections of five different storylines that collide in a series of deadly and ironic twists. Rachael Leigh Cook WARNER BROS. 86 minutes drama, thriller
The 11th Hour (2007) 2007 Play Amazon Page PG HD
4.5/5 (212)   Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio presents more than 50 of the leading scientists, thinkers and leaders of our time -- from all over the earth Leonardo DiCaprio Warner Bros. 92 minutes documentary
12 Strong 2018 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.5/5 (1.2k)   Weeks after 9/11, U.S. Special Forces go to Afghanistan ordered to take the city of Mazar Sharif. To survive, the U.S. must adopt the rudimentary tactics of the Afghan horse... Chris Hemsworth WARNER BROS. 129 minutes drama
15 Minutes (2001) 2001 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.0/5 (126)   When a celebrity homicide detective and a brash, young fire marshal race against time to stop the publicity seeking murderers, a high-profile newscaster buys videotapes of the... Robert De Niro WARNER BROS. 120 minutes action, adventure, thriller
16 Blocks 2006 Play Amazon Page PG-13 HD
4.0/5 (298)   Bruce Willis stars as a broken down NY detective assigned to escort a petty criminal from the precinct to the courthouse. Bruce Willis WARNER BROS. 101 minutes action, adventure, thriller
16 to Life 2010 Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.5/5 (11)   A small town girl goes in search of love and understanding on her 16th birthday - and gets more than she bargained for. Hallee Hirsh Warner Bros. 89 minutes comedy, drama
187 1997 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.5/5 (134)   A vicious high school student is dead. A gang hit? An act of sudden rage? Or did a once-idealistic teacher finally snap? Samuel L. Jackson WARNER BROS. 119 minutes action, adventure
2001: A Space Odyssey 1968 Play Amazon Page G HD
4.0/5 (3.0k)   The sci-fi masterpiece from acclaimed director Stanley Kubrick about a space voyage to Jupiter that turns chaotic when a computer enhanced with artificial intelligence takes over. Douglas Rain WARNER BROS. 148 minutes scifi
2010: The Year We Make Contact 1984 Play Amazon Page PG HD
4.5/5 (935)   An American astronaut is sent on a joint U.S.-Soviet space mission to Jupiter to find out what happened to the missing crew of the original Jupiter mission. Roy Scheider Warner Bros. 115 minutes drama, scifi, thriller
The 25th Hour (1967) 1967 Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.0/5 (56)   A Romanian peasant (Anthony Quinn) endures eight years of hardship and war in The 25th Hour, a suspense drama set during WWII and based on C. Virgil Gheorghiu’s best-selling novel. Anthony Quinn WARNER BROS. 126 minutes drama, war
3 Sailors and A Girl 1953 Play Amazon Page NR SD
In this entertaining 1950s musical, a trio of sailors and a young singer join a struggling producer to bring a stage flop to Broadway which becomes the hottest show in town. Jane Powell Warner Bros. 95 minutes musical
-30- 1960 Play Amazon Page NR SD
3.5/5 (11)   Night editor Jack Webb races to put together the next edition of a Los Angeles daily newspaper, contending with both personal and personnel problems as the morning deadline... Jack Webb Warner Bros. 97 minutes drama
300 2007 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.5/5 (2.7k)   '300' is a ferocious retelling of the ancient Battle of Thermopylae in which King Leonidas and 300 Spartans fought to the death against Xerxes. Gerard Butler Warner Bros. 116 minutes action, war
3000 Miles to Graceland 2019 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.0/5 (298)   Posing as Elvis impersonators, ex-convicts rob a Las Vegas casino during an Elvis Presley fan convention, but greed and dissention among them ultimately lead to betrayal and chaos. Kevin Costner Warner Bros. 125 minutes action, comedy
300: Rise of an Empire 2014 Play Amazon Page R HD
3.5/5 (2.1k)   This new chapter of the epic "300" saga takes the action to the sea, where Greek general Themistokles battles invading Persian forces led by Xerxes and the naval commander... Sullivan Stapleton Warner Bros. 102 minutes action, drama, scifi
The 33 2015 Play Amazon Page PG-13 HD
4.5/5 (783)   Based on the real-life event, 33 miners are trapped underground for 69 days when a gold and copper mine collapses. They struggle to survive in an epic quest and a race against... Antonio Banderas Warner Bros. 127 minutes drama, thriller
36 Hours 1965 Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.5/5 (158)   Set during WW-II, Oscar-nominee James Garner stars as an American spy captured by German soldiers and brainwashed into believing the war is over. James Garner WARNER BROS. 114 minutes drama, nonfiction, thriller, war
4 for Texas 1963 Play Amazon Page NR SD
4.5/5 (116)   Frank Sinatra plays a tough guy who hooks up with fellow rat packer Dean Martin to open a casino in this western. Frank Sinatra Warner Bros. 115 minutes drama, western
42 2013 Play Amazon Page HD
4.5/5 (2.2k)   In 1946, Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford) signed Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman) to the Brooklyn Dodgers, breaking MLB’s infamous color line and forever changing history. Chadwick Boseman WARNER BROS. 128 minutes drama, nonfiction
50 Cent: Refuse to Die 2005 Play Amazon Page NR HD
3.0/5 (18)   This gritty documentary tells the tale of Curtis Jacksons (a.k.a. 50 Cent) life and the obstacles he overcame from a life of crime to one of the music industrys successful... Warner Bros. 80 minutes documentary
7 Faces of Dr. Lao 1964 Play Amazon Page NR SD
4.5/5 (372)   This film features a tour-de-force performance by Tony Randall in multiple roles, along with amazing visual effects and makeup that make it unique in the history of fantasy cinema. Tony Randall WARNER BROS. 99 minutes action, adventure, comedy, fantasy