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4 Days 2017 Play Amazon Page NR HD
2.0/5 (15)   4 Days tells the story of two college friends who slowly realize they mean more to each other than either realized. 4 Days joins Derek and Mark in the days leading up to... Sebastian Castro TLA Releasing 75 minutes drama, gaylesbian
9 Dead Gay Guys 2004 Play Amazon Page NR SD
3.5/5 (37)   A hysterically offensive story of two not-so-innocent Irish lasds who go off to London to hit the big time and instead end up servicing gay men. Glenn Mulhearn TLA Releasing 82 minutes comedy, gaylesbian, international, thriller
About Us 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
3.5/5 (36)   Diego is leaving his hometown in Brazil to attend a film school in California for 4 years. He will have to leave behind everything he has ever loved including Matheus, a handsome... Rodrigo Bittes TLA Releasing 73 minutes drama
The Acrobat 2019 Play Amazon Page HD
2.5/5 (19)   Montreal is snowed under. While the downtown cranes dance their hypnotic ballet, two strangers meet randomly in an unfinished apartment. Their chance encounter leads to a violent... Sébastien Ricard TLA Releasing 126 minutes drama, gaylesbian
Adam & Steve 2005 Play Amazon Page NR SD
4.0/5 (91)   From Funny Boy Films, the producers of Latter Days, comes this bright, raunchy and incredibly romantic comedy about two men who are destined for each other. Chris Kattan TLA Releasing 99 minutes drama
Al Berto 2017 Play Amazon Page HD
3.5/5 (5)   It's the summer of '75 in Sines, Portugal. Al Berto, the writer, embodies an entire moving generation. He and his friends exude youth, eccentricity and hope for the future - but... Ricardo Teixeira TLA Releasing 109 minutes drama, gaylesbian
America Brown 2005 Play Amazon Page NR SD
3.5/5 (8)   Faced with the premature death of his brother and the pressures of West Texas football, Ricky Brown journeys to Brooklyn in search of answers. Michael Rapaport TLA Releasing 89 minutes action, independentfilm
Amnesia: The James Brighton Enigma Play Amazon Page NR SD
3.0/5 (23)   Inspired by a true story, Amnesia tells the story of a young man (Dusan Dukic) who wakes up on a Montreal street knowing nothing about himself, except that he's gay. Dusan Dukic TLA Releasing 90 minutes drama, independentfilm
Another Gay Sequel 2008 Play Amazon Page Unrated HD
3.0/5 (119)   The boys are back and they're as horny as ever! Packed with celebrity cameos and total gross-out humor, this outrageous follow-up to 'Another Gay Movie' centers around the Spring... Jonah Blechman TLA Releasing 98 minutes comedy, gaylesbian
Are We Lost Forever 2020 Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
4.0/5 (15)   One morning it is over. For Hampus it is a relief to break up from their destructive relationship, while Adrian is devastated. Will he be able to survive without the love of his... Jonathan Andersson TLA Releasing 104 minutes gaylesbian, romance
Atomic Age 2012 Play Amazon Page HD
2.5/5 (19)   Victor and Rainer are typical young French hipsters on their way to Paris. Checking into a club, Victor hits on the girls, while Rainer rebuffs the advances of a male admirer.... Eliott Paquet TLA Releasing 66 minutes drama, gaylesbian, independentfilm, international
Aya Arcos 2014 Play Amazon Page HD
3.0/5 (15)   Maximilian Moll's first feature roams with its two unequal heroes around Rio de Janeiro, a city in which life's ease and its difficulty go side by side. Edu, a successful author,... César Augusto TLA Releasing 83 minutes drama, gaylesbian
Back Soon 2007 Play Amazon Page NR SD
3.5/5 (70)   Still grieving his wife's death, aspiring actor Logan is inexplicably drawn to reformed drug dealer Guillermo. While neither are gay, the pair are baffled when their friendship... Windham Beacham TLA Releasing 83 minutes drama, gaylesbian
Bad Boy Street 2012 Play Amazon Page NR HD
4.0/5 (84)   Claude finds a young man passed out in the street and, taking pity on him, decides to take him to his apartment. The sexy stranger soon makes a play for his forty-something host,... Yann TLA Releasing 80 minutes drama, gaylesbian
Big Gay Love 2013 Play Amazon Page NR HD
2.5/5 (35)   Successful party planner Bob is searching for love on his own terms in body-conscious Los Angeles. When he meets hunky chef Andy, romance blossoms - but Bob’s insecurities run... Jonathan Lisecki TLA Releasing 85 minutes comedy, gaylesbian
Bitter Years 2020 Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (1)   A drama film based on the life of Mario Mieli, a leading figure in the Italian gay movement of the 1970s. Lorenzo Balducci TLA Releasing 112 minutes drama, gaylesbian
Bittersweet Waters 2019 Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (18)   A young man living in rural Mexico loves in secret. In order to live truthfully, he must overcome his mother, his lover's fiancée, and the traditional community that surrounds him. Jacqueline Blanca Bribiesca TLA Releasing 92 minutes drama, gaylesbian
Blackmail Boys 2010 Play Amazon Page NR SD
2.5/5 (19)   After moving to Chicago for art school, Sam turns tricks to help pay the bills. His long-distance boyfriend Aaron can't stand to be apart and joins him, determined to find enough... Nathan Adloff TLA Releasing 67 minutes drama, gaylesbian, independentfilm
The Blonde One 2019 Play Amazon Page HD
4.5/5 (45)   In the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Gabriel has just moved in with his colleague, Juan. Shy and reserved, Gabo is reluctant to follow Juan's wandering hands and meaningful looks.... Alfonso Barón TLA Releasing 111 minutes drama, gaylesbian, romance
Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros 2006 Play Amazon Page NR SD
3.5/5 (36)   A flamboyant gay boy falls in love with the policeman investigating his criminal family in this delightful Filipino feature. Nathan Lopez TLA Releasing 100 minutes drama, gaylesbian
Blurred Lines 2021 Play Amazon Page TV-MA HD
3.0/5 (2)   Janik and Samuel are best friends celebrating the end of high school. Janik's parents are seemingly perfect, while Samuel comes from a broken home. One impulsive moment threatens... Emil TLA Releasing 89 minutes drama, gaylesbian
Box 507 (English Subtitled) 2003 Play Amazon Page NR SD
4.5/5 (4)   A gripping Spanish crime thriller involving a bank robbery and a bank manager's investigation into the mysterious death of his daughter, which leads to corruption, revenge,... Antonio Resines TLA Releasing 104 minutes drama, thriller
Boy Culture 2007 Play Amazon Page NR SD
4.0/5 (109)   Adapted from the outstanding novel by Matthew Rettenmund, 'Boy Culture' is the story of X (Derek Magyar), a high-end prostitute, and his two roommates Andrew (Darryl Stephens)... Derek Magyar TLA Releasing 87 minutes comedy, drama, gaylesbian
Boys 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
3.5/5 (38)   When Jonas was 14 he met the charismatic but mysterious Nathan. In addition to guiding him in his sexuality, Jonas soon confronts something dark and even dangerous about his new... Aure Atika TLA Releasing 82 minutes drama