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8th Round Pick 2020 Play Amazon Page HD
2.5/5 (39)   Arriving home from the NFL draft, Austin Aimes is a broken man returning to a broken town. As a top rated college quarterback it seemed Austin had a lock on the life he always... Daniel Contois Quiver Distribution 99 minutes drama
The Accountant of Auschwitz 2018 Play Amazon Page HD
4.5/5 (5)   In 2015, 94-year-old former German SS officer Oskar Gröning, nicknamed "The Accountant of Auschwitz", went on trial in his home country, charged with complicity in the murder of... Bill Glied Quiver Distribution 78 minutes documentary
Agent Revelation 2021 Play Amazon Page HD
2.5/5 (39)   Jim Yung, a rejected CIA analyst, has been exposed to an ancient 'dust' that transforms him into a super soldier that can communicate with aliens. When a secret organization... Michael Dorn Quiver Distribution 86 minutes action, scifi
All Joking Aside 2020 Play Amazon Page HD
5.0/5 (2)   A young woman pursuing her dream of becoming a stand-up comic forms an unlikely friendship with a jaded former comedian after he heckles her off the stage at her first open mic. Raylene Harewood Quiver Distribution 83 minutes comedy, drama
Android Uprising 2020 Play Amazon Page HD
2.0/5 (7)   After being paralyzed in battle, Sgt Slade is put inside an android body. But when her identity's mistaken by antigovernment activists, she gets trapped in a mind-bending plan... Kate Britton Quiver Distribution 81 minutes action, scifi
Bare Knuckle 2020 Play Amazon Page HD
My Name is Lenny chronicles Lenny McLean's origin as a young street fighter in 1970s East End London, the haunting effects of horrific childhood abuse, and his bitter rivalry... Josh Helman Quiver Distribution 91 minutes action, drama, sport
Chick Fight 2020 Play Amazon Page R HD
3.0/5 (384)   When Anna Wyncomb is introduced to an underground, all-female fight club in order to turn the mess of her life around, she discovers she is much more personally connected to the... Malin Akerman Quiver Distribution 97 minutes comedy, drama
The Delivered 2021 Play Amazon Page HD
1.5/5 (5)   Fanny Lye lives a quiet Puritan life with her husband John and young son Arthur, but her simple world is shaken to its core by the unexpected arrival of a mysterious young couple... Charles Dance Quiver Distribution 110 minutes thriller
Drama Drama 2021 Play Amazon Page PG-13 HD
5.0/5 (7)   The most unlikely pairing of teen-age girls end up bonding to form the pop group Drama Drama, and make a stand against bullying in their high school. Ana Golja Quiver Distribution 103 minutes musical
Endless 2020 Play Amazon Page HD
3.0/5 (4)   When madly in love high school graduates Riley (Alexandra Shipp) and Chris (Nicholas Hamilton) are separated by a tragic car accident, Riley blames herself for her boyfriend's... Alexandra Shipp Quiver Distribution 94 minutes romance
The Exchange 2021 Play Amazon Page HD
A socially awkward but highly enterprising teenager decides to acquire a "mail order best friend"; a sophisticated exchange student from France. Instead, he ends up importing his... Avan Jogia Quiver Distribution 93 minutes comedy
Falling 2021 Play Amazon Page R HD
3.5/5 (69)   John Peterson lives with his partner Eric and their adopted daughter in Southern California. When he is visited by his aging father Willis from Los Angeles who is searching for a... Viggo Mortensen Quiver Distribution 112 minutes drama, independentfilm
Friedkin Uncut 2020 Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (5)   In this documentary, the hotshot director of The Exorcist and The French Connection, now 83 years old, is interviewed about his career, and a number of his colleagues and... William Friedkin Quiver Distribution 107 minutes documentary
Grace and Grit 2021 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.5/5 (44)   Grace and Grit tells the true story of iconic philosopher Ken Wilber (Townsend) and his wife Treya (Suvari). Based on the acclaimed book chronicling Treya's journals, they fall... Mena Suvari Quiver Distribution 111 minutes romance
Hallowed Ground 2007 Play Amazon Page SD
2.5/5 (27)   When her car breaks down in a small town, Liz Chambers (Jaimie Alexander) meets journalist Sarah Austin (Hudson Leick), who tells her about the town's bloodthirsty past. A... Chloë Grace Moretz Quiver Distribution 79 minutes horror
Homicide 1991 Play Amazon Page R HD
4.0/5 (30)   A Jewish homicide detective investigates a seemingly minor murder and falls in with a Zionist group as a result. Joe Mantegna Quiver Distribution 101 minutes drama, thriller
I Am Woman 2020 Play Amazon Page HD
4.5/5 (82)   For the first time on screen, I Am Woman tells the inspiring story of singer Helen Reddy, who wrote and sang the song "I Am Woman" that became the anthem for the women's movement... Tilda Cobham-Hervey Quiver Distribution 116 minutes drama, musical
An Imperfect Murder 2020 Play Amazon Page HD
1.0/5 (164)   Successful actress Vera awakens from a dream to realize her nightmare has come true; she really did kill her abusive ex-boyfriend in a struggle the night before, hiding his body... Sienna Miller Quiver Distribution 71 minutes thriller
Josie & Jack 2020 Play Amazon Page HD
3.0/5 (8)   Two teenage siblings, raised in isolation and homeschooled by their tyrannical, alcoholic father, flee home in search for a better life, only to find more trouble in the wider... Olivia DeJonge Quiver Distribution 103 minutes drama
Lost Girls and Love Hotels 2020 Play Amazon Page HD
3.0/5 (16)   Searching for escape in Tokyo's back alleys, a haunted English teacher (Alexandra Daddario) explores love and lust with a dashing Yakuza, as their tumultuous affair takes her on... Alexandra Daddario Quiver Distribution 97 minutes action, drama
The Lost Husband 2020 Play Amazon Page PG-13 HD
4.0/5 (289)   Based on the novel by bestselling author Katherine Center, the story centers on a woman (Libby) attempting to put her life back together after the death of her husband, as she... Leslie Bibb Quiver Distribution 110 minutes comedy
LX 2048 2020 Play Amazon Page HD
3.5/5 (37)   In the near future, the sun has become so toxic people can no longer leave their houses in daytime, and normal life is conducted mostly inside the virtual realm. Against this... Anna Brewster Quiver Distribution 103 minutes scifi
Money Plane 2020 Play Amazon Page HD
2.5/5 (80)   A professional thief with $40 million in debt and his family's life on the line must commit one final heist - rob a futuristic airborne casino filled with the world's most... Adam Copeland Quiver Distribution 82 minutes action
Mope 2020 Play Amazon Page HD
4.0/5 (15)   Set along the fringes of the LA porn industry, it's the darkly hilarious and tragic True Story of best friends Steve Driver and Tom Dong as they struggle against all odds to make... David Arquette Quiver Distribution 105 minutes comedy